Hold Up — Is Gendry In Next Week's 'GoT' Episode?


Four seasons ago on Game Of Thrones, Gendry, the last surviving bastard of Robert Baratheon, got on a boat and was never seen again (becoming the butt of a thousand jokes in the process). Spoilers ahead. Now, Gendry's fated to return to Game of Thrones in Season 7, and fans are pointing to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the latest HBO preview that suggests his triumphant return might be in Episode 4. But was it actually Gendry in that Game of Thrones preview — or was it someone else?

For fans who don't mind being spoiled by behind-the-scenes filming news, it was always clear that Gendry was going to come back at some point this season; actor Joe Dempsie was spotted in Belfast in full costume on the shores where the Dragonstone scenes are filmed, meaning it's only a matter of time before he shows up for an audience with Daenerys Targaryen. However, I'm pretty sure that this is actually Podrick Payne, the squire to Brienne of Tarth. Not only is that the armor Podrick usually wears, but based on the snow it's clear he's in the North, and it would be pretty weird for Gendry to be there and then at Dragonstone. That's Jon Snow's thing, man!


Of course, no one should be faulted for confusing Gendry and Podrick, because they're practically the same damn person. Look at them side by side and tell me with a straight face that these dudes couldn't be twins.


So if that is Podrick, then what's happening to him? He might just be getting his butt handed to him in training, but it's also possible that the show might turn back to a book plot it hasn't used yet and put Brienne and Podrick in some kind of mortal peril at some point; in A Feast Of Crows they're both captured by Lady Stoneheart. Sure, she doesn't exist in the show, but that doesn't mean Brienne is safe. After all, this is Game of Thrones, where no one is safe and comfort is an illusion.

Still, no matter what's happening to Podrick, the fact remains that he is not Gendry, as much as everyone wishes him to be. But don't worry, Game of Thrones' fans: our second favorite bastard (Jon's still the first) will soon have his day. Someday.