Watch Lumière Get Ready For His Big Number In This Exclusive 'Beauty And The Beast' Clip — VIDEO


I don't know about you, but I'm not waiting for an invitation from Lumière to "Be Our Guest" before heading straight to see Beauty and the Beast. Disney's live-action adaptation of the animated classic is literally a fairytale brought to life — how can anyone resist? Beauty and the Beast doesn't come out until Mar. 17, so, to help you with the wait, Bustle's got an exclusive Beauty and the Beast clip to tide you over until you can see the real thing.

Lumière, everyone's favorite French candelabra, takes center stage in this Beauty and the Beast clip, which gives fans a first look at the prelude to his famous number, "Be Our Guest." The clip shows Lumière (voiced by Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) arguing as Lumière makes his way through a bustling kitchen, conspiring to feed Belle despite her refusal to eat dinner with the Beast. Just as in the original film, Cogsworth is skeptical of Lumière's plan to get Belle to fall in love with the Beast and break the spell. "Did you see her stand up to him? I am telling you, this girl is the one," Lumière tells Cogsworth in the clip. He also offers some irrefutable logic as to why they must throw Belle an extravagant, one-woman dinner party, saying, "They must fall in love if we are to be human again, and how can they fall in love if she stays in her room?"


The clip gives fans our first long look at Lumière and Cogsworth, who only appear briefly in the trailers. And that means, we get a glimpse of the CGI used to bring the enchanted castle to life on the big screen. If this clip is any indication, these new CGI versions of Lumière and Cogsworth promise to be the same bickering bromance we all remember from the original, just more realistic and with slightly different accents.

Cogsworth is still the same rule-abiding gentlemen he always was, and Lumière is still the world's most dedicated hype man. In the clip, he rallies up the lively kitchen, talking to the hatstand, named Chapeau, cleaning dishes and the oven cooking dinner. "I have no tastebuds, but I can tell this is exquisite," he says. And we can trust him; after all, we do know that "the grey stuff, it's delicious."