Watch The 'Ocean's 8' Cast's Hilarious Reactions To Hearing Mindy Kaling Had An 'Office' Girl Group

by Rachel Simon

Back in 2009, things were a lot different in the world of pop culture. The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" was dominating the charts; Avatar was the movie everyone had to see; the celeb couples all over the tabloids were Speidi and the Gosselins; and on The Office, Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper were starting a girl group called Subtle Sexuality. The two-women act debuted in a hilarious Office webisode and quickly gained fans, but while the NBC series itself may have lived on over the years, Kelly and Erin's tunes sadly has not. Well, that's at least if you're judging by Kaling's castmates in Ocean's 8, who proved during an interview that they're not exactly experts on their fellow actor's musical past.

During the New York press junket for the heist movie, out June 8, I quizzed each cast member present — Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Awkwafina, Sandra Bullock, and Sarah Paulson — about each other, and that included a few pieces of trivia about some of the stars' past choices. There were questions on Blanchett's teen hairstyles, Hathaway's Princess Diaries days, and Bullock's Razzie win, and, of course, a throwback to Kaling's days on The Office.

"On TV, she was part of a girl group called Subtle Sexuality," I said, prompting the Ocean's 8 cast (minus Kaling, who tried to suppress her giggles and not give the answer away) to look around quizzically at each other, wondering who the person in question could be. Hathaway and Paulson stammered, while Bullock mistakenly thought that the answer was Blanchett. It was Awkwafina who finally got it right, realizing that it was actually Kaling who secretly had a musical side. And when Kaling finally laughed and 'fessed up, her castmates tried to pretend like they knew all along. Um, the proof is in the video, ladies.

Even if the Ocean's 8 cast might not know everything about each other, it's clear that filming the movie brought them all close together. All throughout the interview, the women go back and forth between hilariously poking fun at one another's pasts (ahem, Blanchett's goth years) and sweetly supporting each other, like when Hathaway shows off the coffee drinks that Bullock sent down to her castmates as a way to perk up their workdays. Their characters in Ocean's 8 might be all business, focused on stealing a seriously expensive necklace at the Met Gala, but in real life, these ladies are clearly happy to spend a few hours goofing off with each other.

Yet even when they are showing off their serious sides in the movie, the eight women of Ocean's 8 (Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter also star) are an absolute joy to watch together. Whether it's Bullock and Blanchett's characters reminiscing about their past days in crime or Awkwafina and Kaling's bonding over Tinder, there's not a moment in the movie featuring the ladies that isn't a total blast.

So it's no surprise that already, there's talk of an Ocean's 9 happening down the line. In an interview with Refinery29, Bullock said that if Ocean's 8 is successful at the box office, it'll hopefully lead to a follow-up film. "Maybe this group of eight women will take on a ninth person, and we’ll be able to do it again. But it all depends on how it performs," the actor said. If Ocean's 9 does indeed happen, the cast already has some ideas about who would join the mix. In an interview with USA Today, Paulson revealed that she'd love to add Emma Thompson into the group, while Blanchett put a vote in for Jane Fonda, and Bullock voiced support for Charo. Whoever it is that does eventually join the franchise, let's hope they've brushed up on their castmate trivia first.