Wayfair Is Having A Massive Sale All Weekend & The Deals Are Too Good To Pass Up

by James Hale

Attention, friends: Wayfair may possibly be having the sale of the summer. As a millennial perpetually paying off my student loans, I love deals. However, like any other person with (very rational, IMO) fears of being crushed by rabid dealseekers during actual Black Friday, the fact that Wayfair's Black Friday in July sale is entirely online — and also offers up to 70 percent off basically anything you need — is pretty much miraculous.

Per Inc., Wayfair's sale may have been conceptualized as a way for the company to compete with Amazon Prime Day, scooping up customers who don't have a Prime account but still want in on deals. But whether you jumped on the Prime Day deals or took a pass, Wayfair is still likely to tempt you, because I'm not kidding when I say there's discounts on everything. You can treat yourself to it all, from fresh furniture (indoor and outdoor, of course) to new art for your walls to a full revamp of all your kitchen goodies.

There's not a blanket percentage off across the site, but there are blanket "up to" percentages off certain categories and certain starting points for specific items, like TV stands starting at $99. And if you're keen to grab a lot of stuff, make sure you're checking the site regularly and/or not hesitating to buy something you really want, because lots of Wayfair's deals are flash deals with a time limit.

Check out some deals that have me already apologizing to my wallet:

Seriously, the site's got everything you need for your apartment that you've probably been putting off buying. No matter what you're in the market for, Wayfair's Black Friday in July sale has got you covered, so take this as a sign to go ahead and treat yourself.