Weird Social Habits To Watch Out For, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Yeah, you might have a social flop every so often, but if you're making social mistakes regularly, it might be time to figure out what's going on. Luckily, zodiac signs are linked to social behaviors, so you can fix your mannerisms based on whichever sign is a fit for you. With a few tweaks, you'll go from being that awkward one in a crowd to the person who knows how to jive with everyone else. Embarrassment averted.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling out social situations and being comfortable enough to be their authentic, natural selves. Yet, sometimes you mess up, and you can't read someone, or you say the wrong thing; when this happens, you might start to withdrawal and feel insecure. However, such behaviors might be attributed to your zodiac sign, so by learning how you should behave, and how well the people you're interacting with are likely to act, too, you'll have a better grasp on appropriate mannerisms. Here are a few social mistakes to watch out for, based on your zodiac sign, from expert Josh Maguire, an astrologer, over email with Bustle. You can also find out which signs you mesh especially well with, and which you might have more of a challenge.

1. Aries


"Aries sometimes find it hard to consider the feelings, wants, and needs of others; they can have tunnel vision and be selfish," says Maguire. "In a social context, for instance, this may mean choosing topics of conversation, usually about themselves, with little regard if others are interested, Maguire adds.

2. Taurus


In a crowd, unless Taurus is with people they know and trust, they can clam up and appear snobbish, says Maguire. "This happens a lot when a Taurus' partner brings them to a social event with their family and friends; Taurus comes off as a snob because they're tentative about engaging," Maguire adds. This may happen because Taurus is possessive and not up for competing with others for their mate's attention or they're afraid of being rejected by their mate's friends.

3. Gemini


"Gemini loves to talk, and want to be stimulated and stimulate others with conversation. Sometimes in order to achieve that, they gossip, making themselves look petty and immature," says Maguire. And when they talk, they talk. Like a lot. Geminis have trouble noting the value of silence.

4. Cancer


They can be rather defensive in social situations, not allowing themselves to flow with their emotional energy, for fear of showing their vulnerability. "This can make them 'gooey sweet' which reads false," says Maguire.

5. Leo


Leo has a tendency to think that the world revolves around them. In social situations, it's awkward when they try to be the main attraction. "Essentially, they often need to be the main attraction in a group and don't know how to share the limelight which can be off-putting to put it lightly," says Maguire.

6. Virgo


"In striving to say and do the precise, perfect thing, Virgo can come across as stifled when in a social situation; really, they're down to earth people, so it's a shame they can't just show their terrific sense of humor," says Maguire. At their worst, Virgo can make social situations awkward by finding fault with everything, criticizing and complaining when people are trying to have a good time.

7. Libra


Always striving for balance and adjustment, Libra can make the smallest thing into a debate: Maguire uses this example: "'I like that blue house,'" someone says. Libra retorts, 'Well, it's not really blue, it's more green.' 'Oh, well I like that green house,' the person replies back. 'Well, I guess it is actually more green,' Libra adds. It's a sickness; they can't seem to have a conversation without playing devil's advocate."

8. Scorpio


Scorpio is always in survival mode. When in a social situation, Scorpio can be overly defensive or cagey, keeping people at a distance, says Maguire. They need to relax and know that every situation is not a battle. On the other side of this spectrum, Scorpios can be very agreeable and fake, overcompensating for their naturally incredibly competitive nature.

9. Sagittarius


Sagittarius often doesn't know when to say when, says Maguire. So, socially, they may over-due it at the open bar or the buffet. "In dealings with people, Sagittarians can be very judgey and frank, and they might suffer from 'foot in mouth disease' and can insult people without even trying, even though they have no malicious intent," says Maguire.

10. Capricorn


Capricorn cares about how the world sees them, which is good for establishing a reputation but not so much for establishing a level playing field with others. Unfortunately, Capricorn's motivation to appear of elevated status (i.e., better than everyone else) may be incredibly transparent, says Maguire. This creates separation as opposed to unity in a group, even though Capricorn fulfills his need to appear better than everyone else.

11. Aquarius


Aquarian minds move so fast, that in a social context they may not know how to listen, and have a tendency to interrupt people, says Maguire. They're so focused on what they're going to say next, that they don't listen to what's being said to them. This can come across as extremely rude, unfortunately.

12. Pisces


"Pisces can easily drift off into their own world, and not be fully present in social situations; this can make it seem like they're disinterested in the people around them," says Maguire. Try and stay focused and give eye contact to show you're interested.

Knowing your tendencies can help you navigate a social situation. Plus, if you go the extra mile to know the sign of your companions, you'll get that real leg up.