Wells Wants Grocery Store Joe To Be The Next Bachelor, Suggesting Trouble In 'Paradise'

ABC/Craig Sjodin (2)

As interesting as Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 is so far, the viewers can't help looking ahead to the next season of The Bachelor and who will nab that lead role. BIP bartender, and Bachelorette alum, Wells Adams revealed he wants Joe Amabile to be the next Bachelor in an interview with People, but what does this mean in regard to Joe's time on Bachelor in Paradise? Is this Wells' subtle way of hinting that Joe does not walk away from the season in a relationship? Say it isn't so! Are Joe and Kendall Long not meant to be? Or is Wells merely complimenting Joe for his Bachelor-like qualities?

The answer to these questions is not super clear. All that's known is that, when asked about who he sees as the nest Bachelor, Wells said he had two prime candidates to handing out the roses next season: Bachelorette Becca Kufrin's runner-up Blake Hortsmann and Grocery Store Joe (aka Joe the Grocer). And Wells does have a favorite, admitting, "I’m rooting for Joe the Grocer!" Isn't everyone though? In the most general sense, human beings are rooting for Joe to find happiness whether it's on Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor, or even away from the reality TV cameras all together.

Wells echoed the sentiments of the viewers (and humanity in general) when he remarked, "He’s the best." So true, Wells. The BiP bartender went on to describe Joe's appeal in three words "Tall, dark, grocer." Joe himself is admittedly a man of very few words, so it's only apropos for Wells' Bachelor endorsement to be brief as well.


Wells choosing Joe the Grocer is a big deal considering the large pool of possible candidates. However, this could be a major red flag when it comes to Joe's fate in Paradise. When he arrived in Mexico, Grocery Store Joe immediately hit it off with Kendall. She gave him her first rose and he gave her his, giving fans hope that the two would leave Paradise together. Trouble came during the August 21 episode, when Leo Dottavio walked down the stairs with a date card and used it to take Kendall on a romantic outing. The two definitely had a chemistry, and last fans saw Kendall, she was torn between the two guys. Meanwhile, Joe still had his heart set on Kendall. If Joe and Kendall work out, then he couldn't be the next Bachelor, which means that Wells' endorsement could mean the Paradise bartender knows something about the fate of their relationship that fans don't.


That is so unclear, but some Instagram sleuthing does show that Kendall and Joe both follow each other (and like each other's posts). Kendall and Joe do not follow Leo and vice versa. Why follow one man you've "dated" on reality TV and not another? It could very well be that Kendall ended up with Joe. Or maybe they're just good friends, fans won't know until Paradise comes to an end.

There's no doubt about it, Bachelor Nation would love it to see more Joe on television. And, even though people are rooting for Joe and Kendall, it wouldn't take much to convince the fans that meeting twenty five to thirty women might help Joe find a more suitable match, if he does, in fact, have a chance at being the next Bachelor.