What Are Alante & Nevaeh Doing Now? The Former 'Catfish' Couple Are Forming A Friendship


After an unbearably long hiatus, Catfish is back on TV, and yes, people are still being tricked into falling in love with fake profiles on the Internet. Somehow, even years into this premise and long after the term "catfish" has ascended into common usage, it seems a fake picture and some emoji-laden "I love you" messages still can trick people, as the show's new season shows. The second Catfish couple of the new season, Alante & Nevaeh, aren't skimping on the drama. There's love, secrets, hate, and barbecue, all of the key elements needed to make for a great episode of Catfish, and what Alante and Nevaeh are doing now, post-Catfish, is just as intriguing.

Right now, months after the season filmed, it seems like the duo are no longer together. Between his two Facebook accounts, Alante is listed as "single" on both versions. He also doesn't post particularly frequently on social media right now, suggesting that perhaps his experience on Catfish prompted him to pull back from any other online relationships.

Alante and Nevaeh were talking for eight years without once ever meeting, and a relationship of that length, whether real or not, prompted Alante to say he would choose Nevaeh over actual women he was dating in real life, in order to resume their text and call-based relationship over the phone.

And when the revelation came that it was actually Ericka, Alante's godsister, who had been Catfishing him from within his own house, obviously, the romantic relationship was no good. Alante even said that there would never be any friendship between the duo, as having the offending Catfish be within your own family must be a huge betrayal.

But it's possible they'll reconnect one day. The woman who was the one playing Nevaeh's voice, Seiairah, is still on Facebook and posting actively underneath her own identity, so hopefully she'll be able to find someone to date in real life. She even joked about her appearance on Catfish in one post, calling Alante "a good actor" and shaking her head over all of the people hitting her up after being on TV.

And the most recent photo Ericka posted to Instagram is a sonogram, which makes sense because in the show's final moments, it was revealed that she is pregnant. It also was reported on the show that Alante and Ericka, after having some more time to think about things and recover, have decided to resume their friendship and close familial relationship.

So even though they're not posting as actively on social media anymore, it's probably a good thing that these two have reconnected in real life instead of spending more time behind the false identities you can craft when using Facebook. Real life is a much better place for former Catfish stars to repair their friendship.