These Gorgeous New Star Wars Creatures Are Going To Be Your New Faves

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One of the most fun aspects of Star Wars has always been seeing the crazy creatures that appear in the films. While characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa have inspired legions of fans, a number of alien species have gained followings that are just as rabid. The Last Jedi continues the Star Wars tradition of creating inventive new species, with perhaps the most impressive being the stunningly beautiful crystal foxes. But what are the crystal foxes called in The Last Jedi?

Although many fans have already taken to calling the animals "crystal foxes," they do have an actual name: Vulptex. The vulptices are natives of the planet Crait, and were brought to life using a combination of animatronics, puppetry, and CGI, according to starwars.com. The physical representations of the vulptex is a puppet with animatronics in its face, and its fur is made up of 25,000 crystals. This model was then 3D scanned to create the CGI version, which can do things on screen that the puppet can't — like run in a fluid, natural way. Both versions are seen in the film, which is the film's way of honoring Star Wars' past by using a physical creature, while also making use of today's technology to create something new.

The vulptex is certainly a welcome addition to the Star Wars menagerie, but how do the crystalline creatures compare with the other beings of the galaxy far, far away? Take a look below at the most iconic critters and beasts that currently reside in the Star Wars universe and decide for yourself where the vulptex ranks.


The undisputed royalty among Star Wars creatures, they don't get any more iconic than Chewbacca and his relatives from Kashyyyk.


Ewoks are like tiny, cute, annoying Wookiees, and they are perhaps the most loathed creatures to ever grace the set of a Star Wars film.


These abominable snowman-like monsters are natives of the ice planet Hoth, and one nearly had Luke Skywalker for dinner in The Empire Strikes Back.

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Another Hoth native, these pack animals are known for their smelly but warm insides.


These monsters live in pits on Tatooine, and are known to digest their prey slowly and painfully over 1,000 years. Seems excessive.


A terrifying monster in the employ of Jabba the Hutt, this scariest of all Star Wars creatures is still no match for a Jedi Master.

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The favored way of transportation for Tusken Raiders, these beasts look like giant space buffalo.


One of these one-eyed beasts was memorably living inside a trash compactor on board the Death Star in A New Hope, essentially making them the Oscar the Grouch of the Star Wars universe.


The most happening cats in the galaxy, these somewhat stereotypical-looking aliens make up the legendary Mos Eisley Cantina band.

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These diminutive scavengers of Tatooine are known largely for their mysterious glowing eyes.

Mon Calamari

This intelligent fish-faced race has the uncanny ability to recognize obvious traps.


This race from Ryloth are known largely for the pair of tentacles, called lekku, that protrude from their heads.


The galaxy's most infamous of the slug-like Hutts is Jabba, the head gangster on Tatooine and one of the best things about the hit-or-miss Return of the Jedi.

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These burly pig-men act as Jabba the Hutt's bodyguards at his palace, and frankly deserve a much bigger role in the saga. Who doesn't like pig soldiers?

Kowakian Monkey-Lizards

One monkey-lizard in particular, Jabba the Hutt's pet/comic relief Salacious B. Crumb, is the most Jim Henson-looking creature in the entire Star Wars universe.


Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that Porgs — introduced in The Last Jedi — have already made a huge impact on the Star Wars landscape.

With their crystal fur, mysterious aura, and cute faces, it seems likely that the vulptex will join the ranks of Star Wars' most iconic and beloved alien creatures.