'Bachelorette's Adam Sounds Like Quite The Athlete

Fans finally got introduced to Rachel Lindsay's prospective Bachelorette suitors, and they seem to be a well-rounded bunch. Not only is she choosing between personal trainers and models (there are two of those), but also lawyers, doctors, and real estate agents like 27-year-old Adam, who considers himself to be quite the athlete. It turns out, the Dallas, TX native actually was as a "Collegiate letter winner in football," according to his bio. But what college did Bachelorette's Adam play for?

The answer is, it's not totally clear right now. While Adam makes several references to his college days in his bio, he doesn't get very specific about what school he attended. What he does want you to know is that while going to whatever college he went to he was a bit of a con artist, but also a good cook. "I used to cook four-course meals in college and charge people. LOL," he wrote.

Adam may be stingy with the details of his past (although he did make sure to mention the most romantic present he ever received was a threesome for his birthday), but being an athlete may give him a leg up in the competition. Last year, it was former football player turned real estate developer Jordan Rodgers who won Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher's heart. Even better is the fact that these two are still together, which is not always the case with The Bachelor and Bachelorette couples. Just ask Bachelor Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, who recently broke up.

Adam may not want to get too confident, though, since Rodgers is more of an exception than the rule when it comes to this show. Looking at past athletes who have attempted to find love on television, football players haven't fared that well on The Bachelorette. In fact, as Bleacher Report pointed out in 2014, guys who have played professional football have a pretty lousy track record. Specifically, they're gone by the second episode of the season.

This was the case for Season 2 contestant Damon Bowers, who played arena football, and Season 4's Ryan Hoag, who played for a few teams including the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings before becoming a substitute teacher at his alma mater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Even the one football playing Bachelor, quarterback Jesse Palmer of Season 5, didn't score a touchdown, but ended his season fiancée-less.

Was this because they played football? Probably not, but maybe Adam should focus on showing off his cooking skills when he meets Lindsay rather than his football ones. Who knows, it may just land him a spot in the finale.