Feast Your Eyes On Kylie's New Blushes

by Jessica Thomas

Pretty much nothing causes a fervor like when Kylie Jenner releases new products. So when news of the Kylie Cosmetics blushes hit the Snapchat airwaves on Monday, it was big news for Kylie fans everywhere. Jenner is a big fan of announcing new product launches on Snapchat, and who can blame her? The social media platform is a favorite with millennials, who make up Jenner's main customer base. She's all about sharing the news of product launches with fans herself — just another way Jenner connects with fans.

So what's the story behind the latest addition to Jenner's beauty empire? She's releasing five blush shades this Friday, March 24 on the Kylie Cosmetics website at 3 p.m. PT. This isn't Jenner's first foray into blushes, so I wasn't too surprised by this news. She first included blushes in Kylie's Diary in the Valentine's Day collection, and fans have been wondering if blushes could become a permanent part of the Kylie Cosmetics collection ever since.

But when Jenner took to Snapchat to reveal five new blush shades, even I was surprised by how many she's adding to the collection. So what are the shades of the Kylie Cosmetics blushes? I think you'll find something for everyone.

1. X Rated


This peachy nude shade is classic Kylie — it reminds me of her Dirty Peach lipstick.

2. Barely Legal


The names of the shades are not exactly subtle, but this warm pink shade is. It looks like it'll give you a nice glow without looking too obvious.

3. Virginity


This bright pink hue is a crossover from Jenner's Valentine's Day collection, where it was part of the Kylie's Diary palette. Fans love the poppy pink.

4. Hot And Bothered


In Jenner's words, Hot and Bothered is "a coral dream," and I tend to agree. Loving this shade for medium or deeper skin tones.

5. Hopeless Romantic


Hopeless Romantic is the deepest hue of the five shades, but according to Jenner these matte blushes are designed to be buildable — it looks like it'll be pigmented but sheer enough that you won't look like a clown.

It seems Jenner is constantly topping herself by releasing new products, formulas and collections, and the blushes are no exception. Just mark those calendars now so you can pick up a shade as soon as it goes on sale.