What 'Crazy Rich Asians' Means For 29 Asian Writers Who Wish They'd Had The Movie Growing Up

Warner Bros.

It's often said that August is one of the slowest times for movies, with most summer blockbusters having come and gone and fall's Oscar season picks not yet out. But August 2018 is not your normal time at the theater, thanks to the release of a little movie called Crazy Rich Asians. The Singapore-set rom-com is not only one of the most highly-anticipated films of the year, but a groundbreaking project due to the fact that it's the first major Hollywood movie to star Asian actors in 25 years. To put it simply, this film matters — for adult audiences who've frustratingly waited decades to see a movie with lead actors who look like them, and for the kids and teens who can look at Crazy Rich Asians and consider its representative cast the norm.

With the movie out in theaters as of Aug. 15 and predicted to gross over $30 million in its first few days, according to The Wrap, millions of people will get to witness a truly barrier-breaking film and feel its incredible effects. Yet for many of those who've waited to see a Hollywood movie putting Asian actors front-and-center, Crazy Rich Asians' release is bittersweet, if only because they wish the movie had existed when they were growing up. Here's what they have to say.

Melanie, 32

Mia, 23

Jasmine, 22


Caroline, 24

Joy, 33

Mia, 22


Iana, 20

Steph, 28

Sam, 23


Kristyn, 46


Tyler, 19



Max, 30

Jimmy, 31


Joyann, 23


Nicole, 25


Harry, 31

Lauren, 26

Angela, 32


Alyssa, 24

Michelle, 34

Nathan, 31


Danielle, 21

Daniel, 25

Mallory, 34


Kristine, 32

Olivia, 27

Thanks, Crazy Rich Asians.