What Did Drake Say That Got Bleeped At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards? His Speech Got Cut Short

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Talk about having a big night. Drake made history at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, but when accepting his trophy, his speech got cut short. What did Drake say that got bleeped out? Fans on Twitter are eagerly trying to find out, and I can't help but do the same. While accepting his award, which made him the artist to win the most BBMAs trophies in one year, Drake said, "I've got my whole family up here," acknowledging his father (who's "looking sharp"), Nicki Minaj (who he called "the love of my life"), and Lil Wayne (who helped kickstart his career).

Drake then said, "You know, someone wise once told me, life is like toilet paper. You're either on a roll or—" and suddenly the mic cut out. If I had to guess (and use the best lip-reading skills I have), it seems like the quote goes in the direction of something like, "or you're taking sh*t from some a**h*le." Again, I'm not 100 percent certain, but that's definitely the gist. And it's also a real quote — just look at this SomeEcard.com image.

If you want to try and figure out the answer for yourself, feel free to watch the video below on repeat as many times as you'd like. If you get a more concrete conclusion, please share with the rest of the class.

If you want to see what a stir he caused, just look on Twitter. This is sparking even more commentary than his earlier moment of flirting with Vanessa Hudgens and sparking Minaj's envy.

To be honest, I'm hoping Drake shares the full speech with his followers on Instagram or in some other way. I'd like to get that quote stitched on a quilt or something, and keep it in my apartment for some serious Drake-spiration.