Olivia Was Betrayed On 'Scandal' By The ONE Person She Thought She Could Trust

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Even though Scandal is coming to an end this season, Shonda Rhimes is making every minute count. And after finally finding out that Quinn is still alive, it seems like the rest of this season will be quite a ride — especially for our number one gladiator. But what did Jake do on Scandal to Olivia? The ending of the show was a little confusing, so fans are going to need more explanation ASAP.

In the episode (which was directed by Kerry Washington), Olivia was backed into a corner. While the audience and Charlie already know that Quinn is safe, alive, and being protected by Rowan, her fellow gladiators still believe that she's dead, and that Olivia put her in danger by having Rashad killed. But even their intervention turned out to be the least of her problems.

After being put under pressure to confess to being responsible for Quinn's death and explain why she had Rashad killed, Olivia came to the only possible conclusion: to resign from her job as Mellie's chief of staff and to give Jake the space to shut down B613 for once and for all.

Except, you know, that was never her real plan, because this is Olivia Pope, and she calls the shots. Or at least, that's how it seemed at first.

When everyone, including Fitz, tuned into the press briefing later that night, it was clear that nothing had happened and Olivia hadn't actually resigned... and instead, she was hooking up with Jake. But that wasn't actually be the best idea, ever, because as on top of her game as Olivia usually is, she somehow managed to underestimate Captain Jake Ballard. Ladies and gentlemen, the player has officially been played — and even beat at her own game.

Having that information from Olivia, Jake went straight to Mellie and showed her the folder Olivia has of every wrong she's ever committed, photos and all, telling her that the only way she can save herself is by having someone she actually trusts as her right hand. And even though this whole season (and a little bit of last) has shown a bond between her and Olivia as they've worked side by side to conquer, Mellie instantly agreed with Jake.

Before Olivia even realized what was happening, she showed up to the White House (to a terrific soundtrack, fabulous hair bouncing, for what it's worth) to see all of her things being moved out of her office and Jake's being moved in. Even though she thought she could fully trust him, and that he was her only friend left, he totally betrayed her, and it worked like a charm.

It might have been the end of the episode, but it's definitely not the end — not yet, at least. Although Olivia pretended like she wanted to do what was best for everyone by stepping down, she was only trying to get everyone to let her leave Vermont. She was never planning to actually step down, but then the choice was taken from her. And at the same time, Jake also managed to convince Mellie that B613 was too vital to her survival to ever try to shut it down.

Now, in Scandal's final episodes, the show is truly blurring the lines between who is good and who is evil. Is it better for an organization as terrifying as B613 to exist for the protection it can offer? Is Olivia really the right person to help the show's version of Washington D.C. progress now that it can boast the first female president, or is it really better off without her?

Fingers crossed that these questions will be answered soon. Our time with Olivia Pope is limited.