This Video Of Ariana Grande Without Her Ponytail Has Twitter Freaking Out

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There are quite a few members of the hair hall of fame. From Christina Aguilera's always memorable "Dirrty" hair to Jennifer Aniston's "The Rachel," some cuts and styles just stay in the pop culture. Ariana Grande's ponytail definitely makes the list — but what does she look like without it? A video of the singer and actor sans high pony has Twitter freaking out, and honestly, with her hair down, Grande is only kind of recognizable.

A video from Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour has resurfaced on Twitter, and it's causing hair pandemonium in the Ariana Grande fandom. A user posted a GIF of Grande from her opening video during her tour. In the video, Grande's hair is out of its traditional ponytail, straightened to perfection, and draped around her face. It's hard to deny that it's a good look for the star. While the video and GIF may be older, it's still a sneak of Grande without her ponytail that fans rarely see.

Honestly, those same fans seem pretty stoked that Grande released her tresses from their high pony prison even if just for a short video. The responses to the original GIF range from praise for the look to praise for Grande herself for moving forward.

If you want to see the full video of Grande's introduction — featuring her hair down obviously — it is quite the sight to see. While Grande still looks like herself, it does take a second to realize it's her without her oh so signature ponytail.

Regardless of whether you love or hate Grande's long locks, Twitter has more than enough opinions to go around.

Some are saying that Grande not wearing the ponytail is a sign of growth.

Others just love the look in general.

Some fans seem to think the look is straight up holy.

There are, however, those who will always be a fan of the classic Ariana Grande ponytail. It is iconic, after all.

Then, there are those who barely recognized the star.

Do you think Grande wears her hair down to go incognito sometimes?

Feelings on the ponytail (or lack thereof) appear to be mixed, but the old video isn't Grande's first hair change. In fact, she's made lots of switch ups from the subtle to the definitely not so subtle.

While almost definitely a wig, Grande has rocked purple locks while in Tokyo, and honestly, the color looks so good on the star. Plus, it's a much shorter length than people are used to seeing on Grande.

Then, of course, there was the time she went gray and totally slayed it. Plus, the transition from purple to gray makes total sense.

Before purple or gray, though, Grande went blonde. While she does sometimes have a few streaks of a darker blonde in her dark locks, this look definitely took it a step farther.

As for subtle changes, there was the time that Grande rocked baby bangs. It was such an on-trend choice, given stars like Emma Watson and Emma Roberts would soon debut their own sets of baby bangs soon after. While this change was more subtle, it was definitely outside of Grande's classic look.

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Whether you'll always stan Ariana Grande's ponytail or you want her to keep switching up her looks, she certainly seems to have no problem doing so. From color changes to wigs to baby bangs, Grande has already started branching out that some may have thought she would. While the video of her hair out of its ponytail is old, it's still a glimpse into what the future of Grande's hair could hold.