What Does Carly Waddell Do For A Living? 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Isn't Her Only Career Goal

ABC/Paul Hebert

Carly Waddell has been up to a lot since her Season 3 appearance on Bachelor in Paradise. Aside from her much-anticipated wedding and her pregnancy announcement, Carly has also been busy building her career. (Yes, TV stars do have other ways of paying the bills than appearing on TV!) So, what is Carly's job outside of Bachelor in Paradise?

Carly first won over The Bachelor audience when she appeared on Season 19 with Chris Soules. Since then, Carly has gone from a cruise ship singer (her job at the time) to songwriter and performer in her own right, even if she's been a little busy in Bachelor Nation of late. Carly has been building her music career ever since we first saw her get out of the limo on Chris' season. In fact, her time on The Bachelor served as a source for inspiration for one of her songs. During her one-on-one date with Chris, the two had to stare at each other for a full minute without speaking. Carly detailed this moment on her blog and wrote, "And of COURSE that moment was the inspiration for the song. A moment of overwhelming awkwardness turned into a moment of beautiful clarity and inspiration."

Carly later wrote this untitled song for another Bachelor date based on her first one-on-one experience:

Carly seems to find inspiration in other moments of the Bachelor universe as well. According to Carly's website, the song below, titled "So I Do," was written and performed for the wedding of another Bachelor in Paradise couple, Jade and Tanner. Carly's performance was featured as a deleted scene from the episode. The love song is a beautiful ballad, and fans can hear the range of Carly's vocals throughout the song. Of course, Carly's performance left everyone, especially Jade, feeling emotional.

She also wrote a song after her breakup with Kirk on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2.

Carly not only sings, but she pens many of her own songs. On her website, she lists the songs that she wrote herself including "Girl in Your Dreams" and "It Was Different Then."

Although she hasn't released anything new since BiP Season 3, her music is still on her mind. She recently posted about the anniversary of releasing "So I Do," showing that her songs are still close to her heart.

Carly may be known for her TV appearances, and she may dabble in Instagram sponsored ads to bring in extra money — but it seems her role as a singer/songwriter will likely always be her biggest and truest passion.