What Does Daylight Saving Time Mean For Your Sign? Here's How You Can Prepare

I'm sure we're all looking so forward to that "spring forward, fall back" phenomenon affecting us on Sunday, March 11 (unless you live in Hawaii or Arizona, lucky ducks) as we begin Daylight Saving season. But while we earthlings are adjusting our clocks accordingly, what's going on with the stars on Sunday that may also affect us? We already know we'll be losing a (much-needed) hour of sleep. But will some signs be crankier than others? Will some be chirpier? What does Daylight Saving Time mean for your zodiac sign?

The official records indicate that Mercury and Venus will both be in Aries, forming a square (aka some tension) with the planet Saturn in Capricorn. But Mars is also in Sagittarius (as it's been since Jan. 26) and connecting with Uranus in Aries at some point, so there'll be excitement that may alleviate the effects of the square. Additionally, the sun will form a sextile (a harmonious connection) with Pluto in Capricorn.

On a specific level, events in your life and your mood may be affected by this energy in different ways, depending on what your sign's ruling planet is. All this fire and earth in the sky means everyone will be assessing going for their passions while simultaneously figuring out what grounds them.



As Mercury will be in your sign but squaring Saturn, the planet of discipline, you may find yourself feeling particularly limited with communication. The square is going to make you harder on yourself (Capricorn, which Saturn is in, is not exactly a relaxing sign), and that is not your modus operandi. But never fear. You're a sign ruled by the fiery planet of Mars, the planet of fighting drive. It will align you with Uranus, the planet of forward-thinking and insights which is also currently in Aries. Through this power, you'll be able to find yourself gaining the bursts of energy you need to to make sure loose ends don't go untied. You're not one to stay down, Aries, so don't get too frustrated if things feel a bit off this week.



You're currently already experiencing a lot of activity in your 11th house of friendships this month due to the Sun's placement in Pisces. You won't feel much of anything on the day of daylight savings, but two days later on the 13, Venus (your ruling planet) will begin to square with Saturn. You may feel tense about your communication briefly, especially because Venus in Aries is going to feel weird for you, but don't sweat it. You'll be out of the woods in no time.



You're going to be thinking about the freedom to communicate and use it as a tool for collaboration. This is because Mercury, your ruling planet, is going to be intense with its placement in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. You'll be even more an enthusiastic fire breather than usual. But if anything, Mercury energy is going to thoroughly inspire you to speak up about your ideas, in a good way! Hang onto your crew on March 11. It'll give you an outlet to express all the chatter that is going through your brain when Mercury's in transit.



As a water sign, you normally thrive when everything is super aligned with everything water (as always if you're a Pisces, Scorpio, or a Cancer). You've been enjoying the authenticity of Pisces season, where people break up because they don't belong together or they renew their connection for the world to see. When Mercury hops from Pisces to Aries during this Daylight Saving Time, along with Venus, it may leave you feeling abandoned with all that fire — it may feel less easy to be in your feels, which is usually the way you roll. But take advantage of Aries' creative energy being around. Who knows... it might inspire you more than you know, so don't be nervous.



You love growth, Leo, and after March 11 you'll get to do a lot of it. With the Sun in Pisces shining down upon you (it's your ruling planet, after all), your eighth house is super prominent right now, so you're introspecting like cray. Add to the mix of Mercury joining Venus to enter a fellow fire sign (you and Aries know how to shake things up passionately!) on March 11 and you'll have a crazy week of learning more about who you are, amplified by an urge to spark something new in others and yourself. It might be hard with a square, but knowing you, Leo, you'll work it out. No one can tell you no, including life itself!



Virgo, you're already very detail-oriented. But with the Mercury squaring Saturn in Capricorn phenomenon on Daylight Saving Time, you're going to feel even more intense focus, packed on top of a ton of stress around communication. It's a good thing that you're an earth sign, just like the stubborn Capricorn, so you'll know how to push past that stress. Mars connects with Uranus that day too, and the dual fire sign union of Sagittarius and Aries between them is going to lead to your facing of an emotionally intense situation (whether for you or others). The Pisces sun also connects with Pluto on March 11, creating movement in your seventh house of partnerships. Perhaps a new collaboration is on the horizon, but it's all in what you make of it, Virgo...



Aries is your polar opposite sign, so with Mercury and Venus both in that sign during daylight savings, you might have some unexpected romantic situations pop up. Whether it be a talk with your significant other about the future, a new romantic interest asking you out, a friend confessing unwanted feelings, or anything in that vein, you bet you'll have to deal with it. It's the blessing and curse of being such a person who requires tender love and care, but also loves very fiercely. In the days after March 11, you'll also see Mars switch from Sagittarius to Capricorn and remind you to take care of your home life on March 17. That same day, the moon will join Pisces, giving everyone the courage to dream bigger than they'd thought.



You know how you're a secret glutton for drama, Scorpio? Prepare for some shake-ups this week. Daylight Saving Time sees the communication planet Mercury squaring your planetary ruler Saturn, creating some obstacles around communication and planning where you might feel out of control. On the other hand, Mars is also connecting with Uranus, and the Sun in Pisces is connecting with your other planetary ruler, Pluto. The planet of surprise and the sun of life and vitality connecting with your planetary rulers means you're going to get some pleasantly awesome surprises. Stay tuned and hold onto your hats.



You're a fire sign, and much like your Aries and Leo counterparts, you're all about relaxing and having a lot of fun, but not enough to get caught in too much drama. You will feel a bolstering in energy, but perhaps a little held back when Mercury squares Saturn on March 11. Your Mercury and Venus squaring will not prevent you from partying hard and meeting whoever you need to, but do be cautious about your boundaries. Mars is in your sun sign, and you're looking forward to roaming around (when you should be sleeping!) the night, with Uranus in Aries aka the planet of forward-future-oriented thinking.



Have you finished your taxes? You might want to figure out if all your important tasks are done right now, because March 11 might overwhelm you. Your planetary ruler of Saturn is facing off with Mercury, and you may find yourself in a grumpy, albeit worried, mood about learning your lesson properly while waiting for clarity. All Capricorns love doing is finding out what their lessons are, so don't worry — Saturn hasn't forgotten to discipline you. You'll see it soon. Mars in Sagittarius will also be forming a connection with Uranus in Aries, and this will amplify your energy (as you are associated with the outer planets), as well as the Sun's involvement with the planet Pluto.



Both of your ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, are going to be busy when Daylight Saving Time hits (perhaps meaning you might even get less sleep than usual, gulp). The fact that both of them will be affected means you might be a bit overwhelmed. Since communication planet Mercury will square off with taskmaster Saturn, it will be great for focusing on work you have to get done in a structured and disciplined way. However, it won’t be so hot for asking for what you want — you might feel a bit more tongue-tied than usual. There will be obstacles around communication, but you'll find a way to get around it. You're the spontaneous and creative Aquarius! You'll come out on the other side with a sunnier outlook on life and more energy to get what you want.



As a Pisces, you don't always like taking action. But since during Daylight Saving Time, the planet Mars will connect with Uranus, you'll be forced to reckon with the general unpredictability of life and assess how okay you are with having a lot or a little control. A suggestion for you is to meditate on how you want to connect and reflect deeply on that. Your intuitive water sign will get a lot out of it, as Saturn in Capricorn right now can feel a bit harsh and grating on your mild-mannered ways. If you feel a bit more controlling, let yourself sink into that feeling and breathe through it...