“Hancock 212” Is Majorly Bad News For Danny On ‘Iron Fist’

Cara Howe/Netflix

The movie Hancock is about a vigilante superhero in Los Angeles. And while Hancock 212 on Iron Fist Season 2 has nothing to do with the Will Smith film, it's interesting that this name keeps popping up regarding superpowers. Spoilers for Episodes 1-6 of Iron Fist Season 2 ahead.

After Davos causes Mr. Yang to have a stroke with the devil's claw, the leader of the Hatchets triad cryptically whispers "Hancock 212" to Danny. Mr. Yang says that's the reason that Davos incapacitated him, but that doesn't help Danny understand what his K'un Lun brother has planned. But thankfully, Misty Knight comes onto the scene and provides Danny with the answers he needs.

In "Target: Iron Fist," Misty explains that Hancock is a maritime hub on the docks that Mr. Yang has control of. And the 212 stands for the number of a shipping container. But it's what's inside this container that is truly frightening. Davos has had a coffin with a corpse of an old Iron Fist — complete with dragon tattoo and yellow mask — shipped from China to New York City. He goes to the Hancock hub and once inside container 212, Davos cuts off the dead Iron Fist's skin and takes out his organs. It's all part of his master plan to steal Danny Rand's power and become the Iron Fist himself.

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

With the dead Iron Fist's tattoo, the bowl he was so hot on getting in "The City's Not For Burning," and Danny Rand, Davos is able to start his sacrilegious ceremony to get the Iron Fist. He enlists the help of the tattoo artists the Crane Sisters, who burn the dead skin with the dragon tattoo in the bowl. They combine that with Danny's blood (courtesy of Mary Walker, who delivered Danny to Davos). From there, they tattoo Davos' back with a wingless dragon, or a serpent. This transfers Danny's Iron Fist power to Davos and ensures his transformation into the Steel Serpent villain.

As Mary and Joy tell Misty in "The Dragon Dies At Dawn," Davos found the Crane Sisters through his connections to organized crime. And the tattoo artists claim to not know anything about the ritual except for what Davos told them. They used the ash from the corpse's skin and Danny's blood to make an ink in the sacred bowl and Davos told them they had to use their steel Tebori needles to tattoo him. Of course, they only offer this information after Misty and Colleen take them down in a battle.

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

Now that Davos has the power of the Iron Fist, the Crane Sisters may come in handy later in Season 2. Under the right circumstances, they think they could reverse the ritual to give Danny back his power. Danny says the dragon was pulled out of him in this ceremony, but Davos didn't battle Shou-Lao like Danny did. So while it will surely be dangerous, it seems like it should be easier to make the rightful owner of the Iron Fist powerful again than it was to make Davos the Steel Serpent.

Either way, Misty and Colleen will need to ensure that the Crane Sisters are available when they get Davos' body. And as for what remains in Hancock 212, hopefully, that Iron Fist's corpse will be buried again and not mutilated by anyone else seeking the mystical power of K'un Lun.