Here’s What February’s New Moon In Aquarius Will Mean For Your Sign

Jamie Squire/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Full moons are a good time to whip out your journal and jot down all of your feels. New moons are a good time to launch the Headspace app and meditate on direction. Especially if the new moon is in Aquarius. What does it mean if the new moon is in Aquarius? February 2018's is, so it's a question worth asking. However, it's first important to note that this new moon is also a partial solar eclipse. Combined, this double whammy of energy creates a mostly positive vibe that asks us to think about how to make our lives better. Sounds like this means it's a good night to soak in a bubble bath and ~think~ about it.

New moons are considered the right time to kick off an idea or plan. Astrostyle describes the astrological phase as, "the perfect time to kick off any new project or idea." They continue to advise, "Lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming six months. Set intentions or initiate relationships and tend to them for a half year. Fresh starts are favored by the new moon." It's not a bad time to be back at the starting line. And it's up to you to decide on how you'd like to kick off the journey down a new path. Might as well skip down it! It's what the vibes of ~Aquarius~ would want.

The new moon in Aquarius and partial solar eclipse will happen on Feb. 15 and that breath you've been holding can finally release. Let it out and allow the beautiful sensation of clarity take over. This new moon is like lunar lemonade. You'll be reset and refreshed, so make the most of it and slurp it all up.

The Numinous advises us to relish in the pause the eclipse and new moon energy stir up. They explain, "Aquarius is the innovator. The awakener. Aquarius helps us break down conventions and traditions so that we can find a better way of being. This energy is erratic and spectacular, like a breath of fresh air and a dazzling surprise. There is a pause that happens in the moment of surprise." With the eclipse, clarity will be offered that'll muster a probably genius idea that will dictate the course of our path over the next six months or so.

Think back to Aug. 21, 2017. Remember the solar eclipse in Leo? The energy was real as people flooded the streets to gawk at the sky through safe glasses. But the eclipse didn't just affect our Instagram feed by flooding it with a million solar eclipse shadow pictures. It brought up issues that tie into this new moon in Aquarius. The Numinous asks us to find a link between now and then. You have the power to change the way you feel.

As per The Numinous, "use this time to explore your relationship to change. As the Moon locks into an aspect of creative tension with optimistic Jupiter, ask yourself: how would you like to feel instead? If you can get one step ahead of yourself and visualize a new way of life, your chance of catching that lucky high Jupiter vibration is magnified." Unearth your vision board and update it. This is the perfect time to reset the coarse you're on and attract positive things into your life. You've most likely let some things go since the solar eclipse. Use this renewing energy to Secret all the positive things into your life. Hey, you have the space for it. Fill it with stuff you actually like.

Forever Conscious notes that the energy of Aquarius "carries a very gentle, hopeful, and loving energy." Sounds like this is the perfect moon to wade in a bubble bath surrounded by aromatherapy candles as you focus on where to direct your energy after this self care spa evening. Perhaps directing yourself to some lemon water wouldn't be a bad first stop. Aquarius is urging you to feel the self love. Indulge in it! It's for the best, after all.