This Month’s New Moon Is In Taurus & That’s Good News For ALL Signs

by Brittany Bennett
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unlike a full moon, new moons do not illuminate the night sky. But, that doesn't mean that they don't illuminate something. Like, for instance, the energy surrounding the start of something new. So, what does it mean if the new moon is in Taurus? This could be an ideal time to initiate a new project you're excited to embark on. But you also might want to take note of the ~other~ astrological event occurring at the same time. In terms of the stars and planets, May 15 — the date of this month's new moon — is bound to be a busy day.

Circle your calendars and schedule your spa treatments. May 15 will see the year's only new moon in Taurus and it might inspire a spontaneous facial appointment. Not that you need it, but the ~vibes~ will be just right for renewal. Taurus knows a thing or two about beauty and aesthetic, after all. Perhaps renewal starts with a little luxurious self-care treatment.

New moons are a particularly good time to plant ~spiritual~ seeds. According to the new moon in Taurus is all, "about making something happen that has substance to it. It's a great time to go out into the garden to plant seeds, or anything else that has a tangible element to it." If you're not looking to literally plant a sprouting garden, you might want to consider starting that creative project you've been daydreaming about. There's no time like the present. Or, at least no time like a new moon in Taurus to get the wheels rolling.

This new moon is a little more ~intense~ than usual. By that I mean, the energy rendered during it will last and linger for a significant amount of time. But don't let that overwhelm you. It's not like negativity is abound and you'll be dealing with the repercussions for what feels like forever. Generally, when a new moon occurs it's a positive thing. So think in the realm of positive change. Stop to smell the flowers more often. Prioritize self-care in your daily rituals. Commit to being more fiscally responsible. Taurus is one of the rulers of financial matters, so money does come into play here.

According to Dark Pixie Astrology, "This new moon is slightly wide (over three degrees) trine (positive aspect) transit (moving) Pluto in Capricorn. This can give us a little boost of power and control, passion, and purpose, and we can work to transform for the better, remain focused, and want any changes to be the kind that will last a long, long time." It's time to do the Wonder Woman twirl and change into our best superhero cape. For both ourselves and the world. A new moon in Taurus can boost your confidence. As Dark Pixie Astrology explained, "we can work to live more by what we value in life, and focus on what we feel is worthy of our time and attention." Positive and powerful changes are abound. This new moon is an express train to self love and empowerment.

But that's not the only affective astrological event occurring on May 15. For the first time in oh, I don't know, 84 years, Uranus is also moving into Taurus where it will settle in until 2026. On brand with the theme of ~new~, this transit will also be felt in terms of our renewal. Forever Conscious clarified, "While Uranus is all about change, growth, and awakening, Taurus is all about consistency, security, and stability. Uranus longs for change, whereas Taurus longs for things to stay the same." It's a ~new~ cycle, so there may be some initial growing pains but the energies will ultimately strengthen our personal growth.

Forever Conscious elaborated, "In some way, we are all going to be required to make a leap forward and to practice trusting ourselves a little more."

With the moon cycle renewing and new planetary transits happening on May 15, there is opportunity for powerful, positive changes. It may seem scary at first, but this is the perfect time to start something new and trust your intuition!