What Does It Mean To Be A Fixed Zodiac Sign & How Does It Affect Your Love Life?


Even if you just know the very basics of astrology, you're probably familiar with the type of element your zodiac sign is. For instance, if you're an Aries, you're a Fire sign, and if you're a Cancer, you're a Water sign. Zodiac signs typically get grouped by their element type such as Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. But astrologers have so many different ways to categorize the signs. One of the most important ones to know is your zodiac sign's modality.

A zodiac sign's modality is their "modus operandi," or way of operating in the world. As astrologers and authors, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, tell Bustle, "Ancient astrologers assigned each zodiac sign the classification of either Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutuable. They associated four signs with each quality." Each element type has a sign in each modality.

Your modality can say a lot about your attitude towards various aspects in your life. For instance, it can tell you which role you play in a team. Are you starter or a closer? It can even reveal your attitude towards major life change. Are you someone who can easily adapt and go with the flow or are you very resistant to it? If you're the latter, you're probably a Fixed sign.

What It Means To Be A Fixed Zodiac Sign


"Fixed signs like to stabilize things and they are slow to change anything including their own ideas," Leslie Hale, astrologer with, tells Bustle.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius may not seem similar on the surface. For instance, Taurus is known for being grounded and more traditional, while Aquarius is known for being more unique, forward-thinking, and eccentric. Watery Scorpio is known for being mysterious and intense, while Fire sign, Leo, is known for loving the spotlight. They're all very different, yet have one important thing in common. They're all Fixed zodiac signs.

According to Zerner and Farber, when people born under a Fixed sign have their eye set on a specific goal, they'll make a plan, figure out how to achieve that goal, and will be very resistant to changing course. "For this reason, in astrology, the Fixed signs are known as the 'stubborn signs,'" they say. "They apply this basic mindset when it comes to accomplishing their goals and to other aspects of their life, including relationships and dating."

How Being A Fixed Sign Affects Your Dating Life


Even if each Fixed sign has their own approach to love, they have a couple of things in common. For instance, as an Earth sign, Taurus already has a very slow and steady approach to love. It may take time for them to fall for someone, but when they do, their Fixed nature will make them stay through thick and thin. Many times Taurus will stay in relationships that no longer work for them.

When it comes to love, Leos like being with a partner who can have fun with them and will shower them with attention and compliments. Although Fire signs have a reputation for coming in hot and leaving just as quick, Leos are very loyal due to their fixed quality.

According to Zerner and Farber, Scorpios can be a little possessive and intense when it comes to relationships. Like Taurus, it can take a while for them to open up and let someone in. But once they do, they're very faithful.

Finally, Aquarius can be a little hesitant about getting too emotionally involved with someone due to their need for independence. As Zerner and Farber say, "They genuinely want a real friendship with their love interest first." Once they have a foundation of friendship established, they will consider getting into a relationship. Even after the romantic aspect of the relationship ends, Aquarius will still be there for you.

Since being a Fixed sign means being resistant to change, loyalty is a big thing for them. They will likely stay hung up on one person long after a relationship is over.

Fixed signs may not be about making things happen like Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), and they're definitely not go with the flow like Mutuable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo). But they're very focused. When it comes to love and dating, they'll be very dedicated and loyal partners.