This Month's Full Moon Is Going To Be EXTRA Intense For All Zodiac Signs

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Astronomically speaking, August has been a pretty busy month. First we had to deal with the fact that, for most of the month, five planets were all retrograde at once, including Mercury. Then there was the partial solar eclipse during the new moon, which gave off all kinds of energy and vibes. And now, on Aug. 26, a full moon is rising. Although Mercury retrograde will, thankfully, be over by then, Mars will still be retrograde, which can have entirely different side effects. So what does it mean when a full moon happens during Mars retrograde? It's probably going to be make you feel a little off-balance.

To really get a grasp on what you can expect, it's helpful to know what each individual event means for you. Mars retrograde, while not quite as common or popular as Mercury retrograde, is still a pretty big deal. For one thing, Mars doesn't go retrograde that much — it happens every two years and tends to last for a long time. This Mars retrograde has been going on since June and is ending on Aug. 27. Retrogrades take a planet's normal energy and slows it down, so things often feel a little bit less controlled.

Mars is a planet that controls aggression and action. When it's retrograde, you might find yourself feeling less confident, less in control, and more frustrated. Mars also rules sexual desire, so the retrograde period can affect your sex life, making things a little more confusing and not quite as exciting.

But, like many other retrograde periods, Mars retrograde is a great time for introspection. It's the ideal time to pause, step back, and take a look at what you've been doing, what is no longer working for you, and what you want out of life. Instead of working towards something new, you'll be focused on what you can do about what you've been doing. Cafe Astrology reported, "We can be hesitant about taking action, second-guessing our instincts or our natural impulses rather than acting upon them. The way we react to situations under normal conditions doesn’t necessarily work for us now, or we don’t exactly trust our instincts."

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Full moons are a little different. According to Astrostyle, "Full moons are times for completions, creative outpourings, and harvesting. They’re also your cue to cash in on anything you started at the corresponding new moon six months earlier. What have you been building toward? Full moons act as giant cosmic spotlights, so they can be illuminating. Everything comes out into the open in the light of the full moon — including the parts of human nature known as the 'shadow.'"

Full moons are symbols of emotions and the mind, so they are known for making us more emotional than usual. Everything, both good and bad, can be magnified during this time. Depending on how you use this energy, things could be terrible or things could be really beneficial.

While a full moon will make your more intuitive and emotional than usual, Mars retrograde will be making you feel less confident, more subdued, and very introspective. This combination could lead to a bumpy few days for anyone. Your best bet is to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Allow yourself to have some time to really think, but also give yourself time to breathe, slow down, and focus on what's important to you. You can get through this!