What Does It Mean When Two Retrogrades Happen At Once?

by Eliza Castile

If ever there was a reason to feel like the stars are aligned against you, it's when two retrogrades happen at once. Despite Mercury's poor reputation, though, a planet in retrograde isn't always bad news. Most astrologers agree that for the most part, its energies are simply weakened until it returns to its regularly scheduled orbit. While the areas of life associated with a planet can get a little chaotic during retrograde, sometimes, that's the wake-up call you need to make changes in your life. When two or more planets are in retrograde at the same time, things can admittedly get more than a little chaotic, but there's no reason to worry about it — which is great, because both Uranus and Mercury will be retrograde at the same time this fall.

Uranus began its long retrograde on Aug. 2, and it won't be direct again until January. This is totally normal for outer planets, which tend to be retrograde for one long period each year. Mercury, on the other hand, is retrograde for a few weeks three or four times a year. This time around, Mercury retrograde begins on Aug. 12 and lasts until Sep. 5. The entire time Mercury is retrograde, then, Uranus is in the same astrological boat. Is that dramatic music I hear?

In astrology, planets rule over totally different areas of your life, so when multiple planets are retrograde, their effects don't actually interact much. For example, Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, and technology. When it's retrograde, (metaphorical) wires tend to get crossed more easily, and plans don't always go as well as expected. Basically, it spells everyday chaos. Uranus, though, is the planet of rebellion and surprises. When it's retrograde, that energy is directed on a more personal level, so it brings big changes to your personal life. During this phase, the Astrology Twins advise, "Question your political stance, study up on politics, scientific developments and current events, reconnect with a humanitarian cause."

Basically, both planets are retrograde at the same time, but they influence separate parts of your life. It's nothing life-ruining — just retrograde business as usual. Capisce?

By the way, planets tend to be retrograde at the same time more often than you think. The inner planets go in and out of the phase multiple times a year, and the outer ones are retrograde for months at a time. At some point, this is all going to coincide. Earlier this spring, in fact, no less than five planets were retrograde at once.

But you survived just fine, didn't you? So next time retrograde planets coincide, you'll survive again. Best of luck!