Here’s What November’s Full Moon Will Mean For Your Sign

by Brittany Bennett
Michael Heiman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The full moon is set to light up the sky, and apparently our lives, on November 4th. Regarded in the Farmer's Almanac as the Beaver Moon, it's also referred to as the Taurus Full Moon in astrology. But, let's get down to it, what does the full moon mean for your sign? This completion of the lunar cycle can universally represent an ending to things that have to go in everyone's respective lives. Relationships that don't work, jobs that seemingly feed off of our spirits, patterns that only get you so far. Examining how the moon lights up your own sun sign's house can lead to a more specific understanding of what intentions you need to set or aspects you need to get some distance from.

Thank your lucky stars and planets, the Full Moon in Taurus seems like it's going to ~play nice~ with our emotions this time around. Sure, because we are operating in the sun's orbit of Scorpio, things can still feel intense. But because of Taurus' reigning characteristic of practicability, this will feel less like a frenzy and more like organized chaos. There are things you can do without and things that need to end, but when you shatter your shackles, there should be an abundance of rewards with your name on it.


Whip out your journal or turn a page in your work notebook. It's time to jot down what's been working out in your career and what can use some fine tuning. You've put in some hard work these past few months, and you're due for a literal and spiritual pay off. But before that, you might have to pick out what's been holding you back from achieving the ultimate goal, especially if that thing isn't aligned with your values. Take notes on what you have to do to accomplish your ultimate goal.


Get ready to take center stage, Taurus. This Full Moon casts a beam onto you. You might be asking how you can further the success of the path that you're on. For starters, don't be afraid to put yourself and your wants out there. The Universe is tuned into Channel Bull for the time being. Pick out the path that is right for you and the relationships that are all about getting you there. You're in charge here. (Bull pun unintended, but you're welcome.)


Being an astrological twin can be exhausting. There is a lot of contradiction in the life of a Gemini but never a lull. This Full Moon emphasizes the need for just that — a lull. In order to catapult further on your path in life and work, you're going to need to re-energize. And that's what this Full Moon is all about. Re-energize and organize your daily happenings. Maybe that means rolling out of bed and starting each day for the rest of the month in a downward dog pose. Who knows, something right might dawn on you when you're upside down.


For the crab, this Full Moon is not the time to retreat into the safety of your shell. The lunar beams are shining down on your friendships and connection to the community. If something or someone isn't vibing with you anymore, it is okay to let that thing or one go. There are a lot of platonic fishes in the sea.


Do you have your journal in front of you? Good. Ask yourself what stops you from going after what it is you really want. If you haven't been getting in touch with your career goals lately this Full Moon might conjure a career check up. Maybe you stumbled across a high school DVD recording of the musical theatre production you were in. What held you back from Hollywood? You don't have to make any dramatic moves right now, but do start thinking practically on how you can start doing simple things to achieve that career you want.


Endings can be happy. Like finish lines. Virgo, apparently, whatever you've been working towards is honored with a victorious arms-in-the-air worthy win. According to AstroStyle, your whole sector of endless possibilities is illuminated and you might experience a "burst of optimism." Use this energy to keep working towards what you want! And I'd like to offer a pre-congratulations to whatever it is you most definitely will achieve.


The thing about the Taurus Full Moon is that it will cast a light on the prominence of certain relationships in our lives. Libra will get a heavy dose of how the relationships built in your life relate to what you're ~building~. There's a lot of positivity around you. A lot of people who are willing to act as stools in order for you to get a lift up higher. Show your gratitude to these people, prioritize them and take them up on their offers, so advises Chani Nicholas.


Like Libras, this Full Moon will emphasize the relationships in your life. Do you need to engage in more community activities? Do you feel good in the relationships you're in? You're an intense, emotional feeler, which is a wonderful thing. Focus on building upon these strong relationships and be open in airing what works and what needs work.


Getting organized, Sagittarius?! Your work habits have taken a turn for the better and your desk is most likely serving as a source of inspiration for the entire office. Use this Full Moon to recognize that and take some time for yourself. If anything, scan your life and see what else could use some HGTV style fixing up.


This Full Moon is all about creativity for the hard-working Capricorns. It's time to get up from your desk when everyone else goes home — yes, at 5 p.m. — and play. Hurl your positive and creative energy into any side projects you have going on. Let's be real, you love to work. But if you're having fun, at least it won't feel like it.


In the midst of so much chaos, it's important to just go home. This Full Moon has you focused on quieting it all down. And that might mean returning to your childhood bedroom. Or maybe just grabbing lunch with mom. Something like this will ground you, which is exactly the kind of re-charging you'll need in order to jump back into it.


The AstroTwins report that in the midst of the Full Moon in Taurus, the fish of the zodiac might swim their way into the local spotlight. Now is the time to motor your way into social situations. Plan a party that will gather all your favorite people in one place. If you have something on your mind, you might feel the need to air it to your community and social media followers. The AstroTwins do advise to keep it as positive as possible!