What Does The New Moon Supermoon Mean, Actually?

On April 26, 2017 (that's tonight!), we'll experience a new moon supermoon — as will be the case on May 25 and June 24, as well. Although we won't be able to see them (because they're new moons), the curious celestial happening has people wondering: What does the new moon supermoon mean? The last time one occurred was in 2009, and after this year, it won't happen again for at least five years. That must mean they're pretty special, right?

A new moon supermoon really is an amazing thing. A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. (Remember: The orbit is elliptical, not perfectly circular. Sometimes the moon is further away from the Earth, and sometimes it's closer.) When we have a supermoon, it means that the moon is less than 223,694 miles away. When a supemoon is also a full moon, you're in for a real show: The moon is big and bright with an amazing glow — a stargazer's dream come true.

Such is not the case with a new moon supermoon, however — which is what we've got coming up. A new moon is the phase where the illuminated side is facing away from us, so we're unable to see it in the sky from here on Earth.

What does this all mean for the upcoming new moon supermoons? You might see a subtle glow where the moon would be; however, there's a good chance you won't see anything at all, because the sun's glare will hide the moon. People who live near the ocean might get a little hat-tip, though, as the tides will be higher at the shoreline.

Astrologically speaking, a new moon symbolizes a time to rest before new beginnings. It's the perfect time to set your intentions, acknowledge goals, and commit to your vision. A supermoon signifies a time of high energy, thanks to the moon being closer than ever to us. You should get ready for big decisions that will need to be made, and things happening out of the blue — but it can also bring closure and ending chapters. Emotions run high during supermoons because of all this extra energy.

This new moon supermoon will be a good opportunity to take time to reflect on everything that has gotten you to this point. Use the high-energy happenings around you to craft your plan of action and determine what you want to come next. Also think about tying up any loose ends and taking care of unfinished business.

While it might not be the most spectacular celestial show (or... any show at all, for that matter), it's still going to be a special night for space enthusiasts and astrology lovers alike. Spend it wisely!