What Each Fruit Means On Snapchat Stories

by Natalia Lusinski

On Facebook, it's easy to tell if someone is "in a relationship" or "single," at least if they check off those boxes in their profile settings. But what about with Snapchat? Now, if you're wondering what each fruit means on Snapchat stories, because it turns out blueberries are not just blueberries, Reddit user bubblegumwar clued people in. Basically, different fruit icons rep different relationship statues. Cherries and blueberries started to appear first, followed by pineapples, lemons, and strawberries.

Apparently, it's a "game" that teenagers started on Christmas, wherein fruit icons started appearing in Snapchat stories, according to the social media blog Wojdylo. The purpose? To "confuse" boys, stated this Reddit thread. "Basically the girls wanted to play a game and they were told not to tell the boys what they meant," bubblegumwar wrote.

Here's a copy of the initial post so you can take a look for yourself at what fruit reps various relationship statuses.

The DL?

Blueberry = Single

Pineapple = It's Complicated

Raspberry = You Don't Want To Commit

Cherry = You're In A Relationship

Lemon = You Want To Be Single

Banana = Married

Apple = Engaged

Avocado = I'm the better half

Raisin = Wants to marry partner

Strawberry = Can't find Mr. Right

However, since the code was "broken," so to speak, new emoji symbols on Snapchat — animals and candy — have been used to signify one's relationship status, the Reddit comments said.

Empire Boo Boo Kitty reported that boys on Snapchat started using animals after girls used fruit.

Panda or horse = the guy is single

Bird = he has a crush on someone

Rabbit = the guy's been in a relationship for about a month

Pig = the guy's been in a relationship for a couple of months

Cow = the guy's been in a relationship for over a year

Frog = he's married

Mouse = he's going to marry his significant other

Reddit user jrrullo06 broke down some of the new Snapchat relationship emojis, too, and added that a whale means "it's complicated."

Then again, these could likely all change on a whim.

In addition, there are also some animals to watch out for, Empire Boo Boo Kitty said.

Elephant = a guy's not worried about a relationship

Dolphin = he's seeing multiple people

Dog = he doesn't want to commit

Meanwhile, with Snapchat ever-changing, its users are saying that people are now putting numbers, like shoe sizes, on Snaps now, too.

This is how some Snapchat users are feeling about the new relationship-status-via-icons trend.

1. More And More Users Are Seeing Fruit Icons Come Up

2. A Lot Of Fruit Icons...

3. Here's A Visual

4. Some Snapchat Users Seem To Be Using The Fruit Icons

5. However, In A Word, Other People Are Confused

6. And More Than Just Fruit Icons Have Been Added To The Snapchat Mix

7. Not Everyone's A Fan Of The New Fruit/Animals/Numbers Fad

8. Some People Are ~Really~ Not Into It

9. Some Would Love For The Trend To End

10. And Some Are Questioning What Snapchat's Purpose Is Lately

11. In Fact, Some People Even Want To Get Off The App Altogether

So the question is: Is this all a game or should people take the relationship (or non-relationship) icons seriously? Should everyone be memorizing these icons and their relationship symbolism? Personally, I’d go with the best way to find out if someone’s single or not — asking them IRL.