What Fans Can Expect From Rachel's 'Bachelorette' Season Based On Her 'Bachelor' Time

Bill Matlock/ABC

As we now all know, Rachel Lindsay is going to be the next Bachelorette. This announcement came to the delight of the Bachelor Nation and Rachel's fellow contestants on the show, who can all agree that she is the perfect woman for the job. Watching Rachel get closer and closer to winning Nick Viall's heart each week has allowed viewers to get to know her really well. It's even given fans some hints as to what we can expect from Rachel's Bachelorette season.

She's already proven to be very strong and intuitive when it comes to her feelings, which will definitely come in handy when juggling her 20+ relationships. Rachel is a smart and educated lawyer, and all her law experience has definitely prepared her for this new role. She's going to have to look at all the facts, have good judgement, and be strong under the pressure of being Bachelorette. Rachel is determined to find her perfect guy, and she's someone that is going to put all she has into her time on the show. She's made it clear of what she's looking for in a guy this season with Nick, but we'll see who she picks when it's all said and done.

Rachel is the first black Bachelorette in Bachelor history, and it's a change that viewers are welcoming with open arms. They're eager eager to embark on this journey with Rachel to find her man and see where it takes her. Hopefully she'll even get engaged. Judging from her time on The Bachelor, here are some things fans can expect from Rachel's own turn on the show.

Things Are Going To Get Physical

therachlindsay on Instagram

Rachel has been very vocal about her love of sports and being active, so she's likely going to have her men doing some kind of physical activity or participate in a sporting event on their dates.

But She Won't Play Games When It Comes To How She's Feeling


Rachel has been very straight-forward when it comes to her feelings with Nick this season. It's safe to say that she'll be candid with the contestants and won't lead them on if she doesn't have any feelings towards them. I mean, she said it herself, she doesn't play games.

There Will Be Some Surprises


Being a lawyer is a lot like being in love, it comes with a lot of surprises. And she told viewers on week one that she loves that her job because her day-to-day is never the same. Rachel isn't afraid to shake things up and keep the contestants and viewers on the edge of their seats.

She'll Pick Someone Who Is Serious About Starting A Family

therachlindsay on Instagram

It's no secret that Rachel is looking for a serious romance. She's been open about finding the right partner to start a family with. So, the guy who gets the Final Rose is probably going to be mature, committed, and family-oriented.

Singing And Dancing Will Be Involved


Busting a move and singing along to Justin Bieber are some of Rachel's favorite hobbies. Maybe she'll have the guys learning choreography with *NSYNC or New Kids On The Block for a group date this time...

She'll Take Her Guys To Church


Rachel took Nick to church when he visited her in Dallas for their hometown date. Religion is very important to Rachel and her faith will likely be incorporated somehow to make sure her final pick is comfortable with her beliefs.

We'll Finally Meet Her Dad?

therachlindsay on Instagram

Rachel's father was noticeably absent from her hometown date, but don't worry, there's no drama there. Chris Harrison assured fans that he was just working. Mr. Lindsay may get some screen time when Rachel's the Bachelorette. She told Nick that her dad can be very intimidating (he is a federal judge after all), so some of the guys might have to plead the fifth.

Maybe There Will Be A Courtroom-Themed Date


OK, this isn't something that viewers can actually count on, but how amazing would it be to watch Rachel be a badass lawyer and show up the guys? Maybe Chris Harrison could be the judge?

She Won't Have Any Regrets


Rachel admitted in her ABC bio that she regrets focusing too much on her career and that she's afraid that she's missed out on love. Knowing that, this Bachelorette is definitely not going to let anything hold her back or have any regrets this season.

As filming begins for her season, we'll likely find out even more. But, even just based on this cursory list, it seems like her season is definitely going to be one to watch.