Why Jaime & Bran's Season 1 Encounter Might Change How 'Game Of Thrones' Ends

by Rebecca Patton
Helen Sloan/HBO

There were plenty of awkward reunions in the Season 8 premiere, but perhaps the most intense one was between Jaime and Bran on Game of Thrones. The two haven't seen each other since Season 1 when they had a...traumatic encounter, to say the least. And while the episode ended before the characters had a chance to catch up, the shock that registered on Jaime's face made it clear that he'd made a grave mistake.

In case audiences forgot why Bran is in a wheelchair to begin with, the young Stark used to be an avid climber and would deftly scale the walls at Winterfell. But everything changed when the royal family came to visit way back in the pilot episode. While scampering up the side of the castle, Bran caught Jaime and Cersei having sex through the window. The two are siblings, so their...carnal relations were obviously a no-no, and the Lannisters worried who Bran would tell. "He saw us!!" Cersei shrieked at her brother, who approached Bran to assess the awkward situation. The Stark was just 10 years old at the time and likely wouldn't have said anything, but Jaime still shoved the boy off the ledge, muttering, "The things I do for love" while doing so.

As a result, Bran lost the ability to walk. He never told anyone what really happened, and the Starks were under the impression that he simply lost his footing while climbing around the castle. But while Bran was initially furious about his immobility, he eventually discovered his greensight and warging abilities, which allowed him to travel further than he ever would have been able on two legs. And now that he's the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran is perhaps the wisest, most informed person in the Seven Kingdoms and the only one who knows how to kill the Night King.

This could mean two things for the future of Westeros: Either Bran will hold a grudge towards Jaime (which could have disastrous results), or he'll rise above pettiness and forge an alliance with the Lannister, which could come in handy now that the Night King is marching South and Cersei totally fooled Tyrion into thinking she would be helpful. While it would be completely understandable for there to be some bad blood between them (Jaime did push him to supposed-death, after all), Bran is completely different now that he's the Three-Eyed Raven.

As was evidenced with his chilly greeting with Jon, he doesn't regard the Starks as his family anymore. So why would he cling to hard feelings, especially when the fate of humanity is at stake?

As FlexxSquad pointed out in the Game of Thrones subreddit, Bran may even feel grateful that the Kingslayer sent him down this path of greenseeing. After all, they may not be able to win against the White Walkers without Bran's insight, and Jaime's decision to push him out the window may, ironically, just end up saving Westeros.

While it's obvious that Jaime felt both uncomfortable and guilty when he locked eyes with the greenseer in the Season 8 premiere, Bran has bigger fish to fry. Which begs the question: What role does Jaime still have to play, and does Bran know about it? The Three-Eyed Raven was adamant that Jon learn about his parentage, so perhaps he'll have similar insights for the Lannister. What's more, Jaime's about to have another uncomfortable encounter — this time with Daenerys, whose father he quite literally stabbed in the back.

So whatever ends up happening between Jaime and Bran, it's obvious that both parties need to put their personal differences aside, because anything else would be downright dangerous.