Let's Hope This 'BiP' Cast Member Can At Least Unpack Her Bag This Time Around

Paul Hebert/ABC

It's not every day you get a second shot at true love — although, thanks to Bachelor in Paradise, it actually has been the case every summer for the past five years. That's right, lovers, Bachelor in Paradise returns with Season 5 on Tuesday, August 7. Contestants that didn't manage to snag a rose on previous season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are back to try and pair themselves up in a competition that is pretty much musical chairs except with half-naked grown-ups on a beach in Mexico. Angela Amezcua got the chop in Episode 1 the last time around... so what exactly happened to Angela on Nick's season of The Bachelor?

In short, not a whole lot. The beautiful brown-haired model from Greenville, North Carolina didn't get all that much face time with Nick — only a minute or two, she said on the E&G Podcast — and the pair didn't manage to establish a meaningful connection in their brief time together. She went home in the first week, along with Jasmine Brown, Olivia Burnette, Ida Marie DeLosSantos, Briana Guertler, Lauren Hussey, Susannah Milan, and Michelle Ramkissoon.

While Southern belle Angela might have seemed too sweet to get the axe so soon, she actually admitted that she had a feeling it might be coming. On the E&G Podcast, she explained that she knew she'd either make it — or break it. "I had a feeling going in that I was either going to make it to the end or go home first," she said. "I felt like there wasn't going to be an in between and I don't know if that was just my intuition or what, but... I just feel it in my gut."

As for what happened on the big night itself, well, she explained that there was so much going on that night, it was easy to get swept up in the shuffle. "That night is just such a blur," she told the E&G Podcast. She added:

"There's so much going on, and you're talking to all these new people and you're trying to get time and, you know, you don't get very much time. And then after you talk to him, if you're lucky enough to talk to the person, it's kind of out of your control."

Just because she didn't find love with Nick, doesn't mean that the whole thing was a bust. Angela revealed in her podcast interview that she's actually kept up with a bunch of the girls in from her season. "All of the girls and everyone I've met from this Bachelor experience have been so overwhelmingly nice," she said. "It's just so awesome and I don't regret doing it one single bit."

"So you know, I was a little surprised but then I kind of felt it, too. You know I was fine with it. I felt at peace with it. I'm not salty about it. I'm one of those people that firmly believes everything happens the way it's supposed to so if God sent me on an airplane home then I was supposed to be on that airplane home," she added in the same interview.

And she's definitely on to something there, because if she hadn't been sent home then, then maybe she wouldn't be on Bachelor in Paradise now.