This Throwback 'BiP' Arrival Might Find Love This Time Around

Paul Hebert/ABC

If you thought you could relax after things between Tia and Colton finally chilled out on Bachelor In Paradise, think again! Relationships are imploding left and right on the beaches of Mexico, and one of the newest additions, Cassandra, has arrived to stir the pot even more. But this isn't her first rodeo — so what happened to Cassandra last time she was on Bachelor In Paradise?

Cassandra first graced our television screens on Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor, and also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise's second season. She even made it all the way to the end, and was in a relationship when the final roses were given. She was paired up with Justin from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, but as you might have deduced by her renewed appearance within the franchise, things didn't last long. They revealed on the After Paradise post-season special that they'd decided to end things, according to a previous Bustle report, and that was after Cassandra had declined to partake in an overnight date with Justin.

The reason they gave for the split was that Cassandra and Justin were both single parents who didn't realistically see how they could uproot one or both of their families to be together, which totally makes sense. And on After Paradise, she appeared to have coupled up with another contestant, Jonathan, also from Kaitlyn's season. But that relationship must have quietly fizzled off-camera, because now she's back to give the Bachelor franchise another shot.

During Tuesday night's episode of Bachelor In Paradise, her eye landed quickly on Eric, who had already pretty much solidified his coupleship with Ashley. His eyes lit up the second she walked down the steps and arrived on the scene, much to Angela's irritation and surprise. It was even more heartbreaking to watch because it happened just after Angela gleefully told the camera that she and Eric were "all in" with each other, "no matter who else comes in." Uh, yeah, about that...

The guys were all really excited about Cassandra, pretty much immediately coming to the conclusion that she's "hot," which apparently stunned them, even though they're already on a beach with lots of beautiful people. After pulling a few of the guys aside, Cassandra learned that plenty of people were coupled up — Colton politely shot her down before she turned to Eric, and he quickly made it clear that he was "open" to the possibility of relationships aside from Angela.

Angela and Eric sat down to chat about their status post-Cassandra, and he said that he felt they were in a "grey area" and hadn't really established themselves as an official couple. He also said that he knew he'd told Angela he wouldn't go on a date with anyone else, but that when he woke up that morning, he "felt different about a lot of things." Mhm.

Angela was decidedly not having it. "You literally said to me last night, 'I do not wanna go on a date with anyone else, It's only you, it's always been you,' and ... you all of a sudden wake up and don't even tell me first," she told him.

Eric doesn't seem like a bad guy, especially considering the actual bad behavior we've seen this year within Bachelor Nation, and even in this same episode. But this drama does prove that he and Angela weren't on the same page with each other, no matter how much they may have thought they were. A lack of communication is a tale as old as The Bachelor itself, and as the episode ended with poor Angela crying in her room, only time will tell how this new, Cassandra-based love triangle will proceed.