What Happened To Jasmine Goode On Nick's 'Bachelor' Season Became An Overnight Meme

Paul Hebert/ABC

Bachelor in Paradise is a chance for fan favorites to have second chance to fall in love on TV, but it's also a shot at redemption for competitors who don't make the best initial impression in their first appearance on the franchise. What happened to Jasmine Goode on The Bachelor probably didn't endear her to many fans. You see, Jasmine wasn't particularly memorable until she was eliminated by Nick, when she went from background dweller to temporary meme queen thanks to her strange monologues about wanting to "choke" Nick and "punch" him in the face for cutting her from the show. It was certainly a strange moment, and The Bachelor certainly didn't make any effort to see the moment from Jasmine's point of view.

To be fair, she probably would have had to be eliminated after she grabbed Nick's neck multiple times anyway, regardless of whatever point she might have been trying to make. But she was eliminated, briefly had her "choke" comments become a Twitter sensation, and then fell into obscurity for the rest of the season; that's rough. However, according to Jasmine, she's hopeful about finding love in Paradise — especially after seeing Rachel's season of The Bachelorette and meeting some of the men from her season.

Clevver News on YouTube

In an interview with Clevver News — hosted by fellow Paradise participant Ashley I. — Jasmine gave more context to explain how things got to the point where she choked out the Bachelor and basically kicked herself off of the show. After she was cut from the show, "I got a lot of feedback telling me I'm not the only one who wanted to choke Nick," Jasmine said.

But she was surprised by what happened throughout the season. "I'm looking around, I didn't think Vanessa was going to win," she continued. On top of that, she also spilled some tea about the breakdowns that other members of the cast had too, not just her; in particular, she describes the disintegration of Danielle L. and Vanessa's friendship.

Jasmine clearly can't stand being ignored; her time on Nick's season made that clear. But, for her first trip to Bachelor in Paradise, she's looking to move beyond her awkward monologue, choking moment, and elimination to show a more romantic side in a setting where she should be able to get more individual attention.

From her Instagram, it looks like Jasmine is excited about the dates she'll have on Paradise, so that's something to look forward to.