This 'Sharp Objects' Character Gets A Pretty Creepy Ending In The Book

by Sadie Trombetta
Anne Marie Fox/HBO

If you've been watching HBO's dark and twisty adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects, then you're probably dying to know how everyone's story ends. Does Camille uncover the truth about the murders in Wind Gap, or does her drinking bring about her destruction? What exactly is Adora hiding, and will she ever reveal what really happened to Marian all those years ago? What about Amma, Camille's younger half-sister, who is perhaps the most mysterious character on the show — is she in danger of becoming the next victim, or does she know something about the town's still unnamed murderer? If you want to know what is going to happen in the show's series finale this Sunday, then you should probably brush up on what happens to Amma in the Sharp Objects book. Trust me when I say, the girl's ending is less than happy. (Needless to say, there are *major* spoilers ahead, so read at your own peril.)

Sharp Objects is filled with fascinating characters. There is, of course, Camille (Amy Adams) and Adora (Patricia Clarkson), but perhaps one of the most intriguing women in the world of the book and the television show is the young and increasingly devious Amma. Played by 19-year-old Australian actress Eliza Scanlen, Amma is Camille's younger half-sister, who is a mere 13 years old in Flynn's book. Sweet and innocent looking on the outside, Amma reveals her dark side throughout Sharp Objects, and it doesn't take long for readers to realize the seemingly perfect girl is hiding a lot more typical teenage misbehavior behind her precious smile.

Aside from the extended exploration of Camille's childhood, her relationship with her deceased exploration, and her stint in rehab, there have been very few changes from Flynn's original story to the stunning HBO adaptation. That means, the ending will probably remain loyal to the book, too. So, what happens to Amma in the Sharp Objects book? Her ending is pretty wild, so you're going to want to make sure you're sitting before you're reading this.

Ready? Okay, here is what happens:

After it becomes clear that Adora is responsible for the death of her own daughter and Camille's beloved sister, Marian, she becomes the prime suspect in the tragic murders in Wind Gap. When she is eventually arrested, Camille steps in to protect her half-sister and rescue take her away from the site of their trauma. Together, Camille and Amma move back to Chicago where they both plan to start fresh as a family.

While they initially seem to be on the road to healing, things take a turn for the worse, and quickly. One of Amma's classmates, Lily, disappears on the way home from school. When her dead body is discovered next to a dumpster, strangled, with a fatal head injury and six missing teeth, Camille realizes Adora may not have been the one responsible for the murders in Wind Gap. OK, you should really stop reading now if you don't want spoilers. That's right: The pretty, petite, blonde-headed Amma was actually the one who killed those girls back home, as well as the girl in Chicago.

But that isn't even the creepiest part. Remember Amma's special doll house, the one that is an exact replica of the family home? It is there that Camille finds the human teeth of Amma's victims, polished and repurposed as the floor of Adora's room, along with a tiny rug maid out of human hair.

I will give you a minute to pick your jaw up off of the floor.

After the truth, the whole truth, comes to light, Amma is charged with the murders in Wind Gap and ordered to stay locked up until at least her 18th birthday. Of course, Camille can't resist visiting her half-sister in prison, so she goes to see her in search of answers. Why did she kill those innocent girls? How could she be capable of such gruesome acts of violence? Amma admits it was jealousy that drove her to murder her friends. More specifically, it was the fact that her mother paid them attention. As for her trinkets, Amma tells Camille the only reason she collected the girls' teeth and hair was to make her doll house "perfect."

I know, I know, creepy doesn't even begin to cover it. I have read the book three times, and I still get chills every time I come to that passage. Now the only question that remains is whether or not HBO stays true to the book ending.

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