Rachel's 'Bachelor' Journey Is Over For Now

Rick Rowell/ABC

Now that we know that Rachel Lindsay is the new Bachelorette, let’s take a look back at her journey on The Bachelor. What’s that you say? She’s not done on The Bachelor yet, and announcing her new spinoff spoils a big plot point? That’s exactly correct, but here we are. But, now that we know that Rachel is destined for The Bachelorette glory, it’s time to ask — what happened to Rachel on The Bachelor?

Rachel was primed and ready for love on night one, and Nick Viall seemed really into her. She was the one who got the first impression rose (making her the first black woman to get that coveted flower), and Rachel and Nick seemed to connect on an intellectual level instead of just smashing tongues together for an evening (they did both). That’s a big deal on The Bachelor. Rachel has made it safely to the final four, and I’m guessing that her relationship with Nick falls apart sometime around hometown dates. They had a great connection before that, but when things get serious, you have to make some hard decisions. Did Rachel's family not like Nick? She did say her father was intimidating. Did Nick’s family not like Rachel? I don’t think that’s possible. Rachel is so levelheaded and normal and kind (at least from what we’ve seen so far) that she and Nick probably split ways because they knew their relationship couldn’t go any further. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as not feeling it.

I am sure that Rachel will take her rational demeanor and keen sense of humor to her turn on The Bachelorette. Andi Dorfman made a great Bachelorette lead, and she was a lawyer, too. Maybe attorneys just have the decision-making skills to be good Bachelorettes. Even though Rachel and Nick didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that Rachel won’t find the love of her life on her next turn in Bachelor Nation. Now we just have to keep tuning in to Nick's season to see how things went down.