Tahzjuan Did Not Have An Easy Summer After Her Time On 'Bachelor In Paradise'


You might remember her as the girl on Colton's season of The Bachelor who taught him how to pronounce her name when they met. Or, you may struggle to remember her at all because he sent her home on night one. Regardless, the way you know her is about to change, because Tahzjuan is joining Bachelor in Paradise this week.

Because she was eliminated on the first night, her post-Bachelor life seems to have easily reverted to its normal state. According to her LinkedIn, she went back to working for Lyft, where she just got promoted to Program Specialist as of August 2019. She also began pursuing her master's degree specializing in data analytics at Colorado State University and is expected to graduate in 2020. She made the exciting announcement in December 2018.

"Pursuing all of my hopes & dreams in 2019," she wrote. "Because last week I was accepted into CSU’s MBA program with a specialization in Data Analytics for Spring 2019 and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!" As she should be. It's hard to believe that with a full-time job and school on her plate, she found time to fly to Mexico for Paradise.

She doesn't post on Instagram all that much, but she has documented a few of her adventures outside of work and school since her Bachelor stint ended. She's been out clubbing with friends, attended some events and snapped some cute pics, and unlike much of Bachelor Nation, she did not attend Coachella. Instead, she and some friends enjoyed "No-Chella," which took place during the same weekend. (Note: whether or not she attended Stagecoach hasn't been confirmed or denied, but Blake will probably have that info.)

The year since she was cast for The Bachelor has brought some difficult times as well. On March 11, she shared a photo of her grandparents after her grandfather's passing. "March 6th, 2019 : Time always seems to stop when you receive news like this," she wrote. "You didn’t know who I was when I came home for Christmas. A feeling I hope many never have to experience. But this is what 60 years of marriage looks like and I pray that one day I find a love like this. I will keep all of our memories together close to my heart Papa. I’ll be seeing you."

Hopefully, Paradise gives her the opportunity to find a love like her grandparents'. As of right now, it's unclear if she secures someone's rose. It's speculated that filming took place during June, and her latest Instagram post, shared on July 18, addresses her battle with depression.

"Depression hit an all time low the last couple of weeks and I’m finally feeling back to my normal self," she said. "Needed a challenge so on Monday I hit Manitou Springs to do the Incline. Those that know it, know it’s not for the faint of heart. Such a sense of accomplishment when you make it to the top! Where should my next adventure be? Taking suggestions."

If the assumed BiP timeline is correct, she was feeling down in the dumps coming back from Mexico, which isn't a good sign. Maybe she's feeling better now.