'Friends' & 'Home Alone' Are Connected, But How?

by Mary Grace Garis

Thanks to the amazing power of fandom (and probably easy access to Netflix), people can keep the dream of the '90s alive by discovering new things about Friends. But this one, courtesy of 22 Vision, is doubly exciting: apparently Monica and Chandler bought the Home Alone house. Yes, you read that right. Toward the end of the series, the couple purchases a place in the suburbs to raise a family, and the house they ended up getting was the same where the gigantic herd of McCallisters lived (good omen, bad omen?). It makes you want to imagine a world where Mondler had some crazy adventures in their probably booby-trapped house.

Of course, the show's finale and subsequent house purchase was in 2004, a good decade-plus after the Home Alone films. So, what you would be dealing with is a potentially darker cross-over than the already low-key dark film franchise. In this world, Kevin McCallister is tap-dancing on his 20s, and abandoned by his family on a permanent basis. He's living in the basement of the only structure in life that never let him down. Some city folk come in one day and decide to purchase this place, moving in with their two small infants. Lurking in the shadows, Kevin knows what he must do. He knows how to deal with intruders.

All of a sudden, Monica and Chandler are at the whim of a series of surprisingly violent (but in a slapstick way, so it's totes fine) Rube Goldberg-esque machines. Can this be any more concerning? Monica lives her life in constant aggravation because the systematically placed mouse traps and flying bags of flour are just really messing up the entire houses. They really need to get things sorted out with the weird blonde squatter before Joey comes and visits from LA, because he's just going to find a way to make this worse.

But then, there's another break-in, for old time's sake. The Wet Bandits, somehow masterminding their way out of prison after their New York caper, decide to take out their aggressions on the famed house. Plus, Marv really has his eyes on that dog statue. It looks like Kevin and the Bing-Gellers are going to have to team up to be rid of the robbers, eventually coming together as a big, happy family.

Hey, I don't know, I think this could've worked, especially since this would've probs taken place during Macauley Culkin tumultuous years.

Anyway, if you're still skeptic about this entire Friends-Home Alone phenomenon, feel free to watch the evidence unfold before your very eyes below.

Now you'll never look at Friends and Home Alone the same way, right?