This Super Bowl Commercial Is Mysterious

One of the most moving commercials of the Super Bowl was also one of the most mysterious. An ad that ran during the game featuring a young girl had many asking, just what is 84 Lumber, the company behind the commercial? It turns out that 84 Lumber is a a construction company based out of Pennsylvania, and the ad that ran during the game was its first ever Super Bowl commercial. And what a doozy it was — the ad was both moving and mysterious, which was entirely its point.

In the ad, a young girl is seen following her mother on a journey, and while it's not totally clear where the duo live, it seems that they're traveling from somewhere in Latin America with the hopes of reaching the United States. Yet no ending of their journey — aka a border wall — is shown in the ad that ran during the Super Bowl. To see the conclusion, viewers are instructed to go to 84 Lumber's website.

It's an intriguing commercial, and an especially important one now, considering its pro-immigration message and the anti-immigration policies enacted by the Trump administration. The president and owner, Maggie Hardy Magerko, claimed to the New York Times, that the company had been forced to cut the border wall part of the ad because it was deemed too controversial. An NFL spokesperson told the newspaper, "We review spots to ensure they do not violate our advertising policies ... The ad that will air does not violate our policies," without confirming whether the league had asked for it to be altered.

The ending can only be viewed online on the company's site, and it comes with a disclaimer: "Contains content deemed too controversial for TV."

It's a powerful, moving commercial, and one that will certainly start discussions among viewers, both those who watch the Super Bowl ad and those who choose to watch the full version online.