3 Crystal Facial Grids To Majorly Elevate Your Self-Care Routine

As a luxury-lovin' Libra, indulging in very extra self-care routines is one of my favorite past times. Like, seriously, give me face masks, give me a 15-step skincare regimen, give me an hour long bubble bath with candles and body oils and glitter-filled bath bombs — I'm here for it, and I'm devoting an entire evening to it. If you're with me, then using crystal facial grids for self-care is another luxurious way to pamper and rejuvenate yourself that you'll probably love — and this simple, relaxing healing ritual will take your usual self-care routine to new and magical level. It might sound a little out there to put crystals all over your face in the name of self-care, but people have incorporated crystals into healing, health, and beauty routines for literally thousands of years (apparently even Cleopatra used crystal healing, and lepidolite was allegedly her favorite beauty-enhancing stone). It can be super healing to connect with crystal energy, and using them in a facial grid is both effective and fun.

The concept of using crystals in a "grid" is based on the fact that these natural specimens each have their own unique energy that we can align with vibrationally. When placed together in a sacred-geometry-based grid formation, we allow the crystals' energies to work together in harmony — which makes them even more powerful. You can create a crystal grid on your altar, as many people do, by using dozens of stones to create a unique pattern to help manifest a specific intention. In this case, we're keeping things simple by using just a few stones arranged in an easy grid on your face for some mystical self-care and healing.

Bustle spoke with crystal experts Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, co-founders of Energy Muse and co-authors of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You to get the scoop on crystal facial grids. "One of the most powerful ways to work with crystals is to place them on your body," explains Energy Muse. "When you wear crystal jewelry or use crystal body grids, the crystals align your vibrational energy with their own." They've shared several unique facial grids with Bustle, all of which use thoughtfully selected stones that are easy to find and vibe with. When placed together, the chosen crystals work in perfect symbiosis to energetically support your intention — whether that's relieving stress, enhancing your natural beauty, or just getting more restful sleep.

But don't limit yourself to these grids alone — there are countless crystals out there that can be used to energetically enhance your self-care routine! "Depending on your intention, you can choose crystals that carry the energy you want to embody," explains Energy Muse. If you want to DIY a new grid after trying the ones suggested here, follow the vibrations of your crystals using your intuition, or do some research to find out which have the energetic qualities that support the vibe you're looking to align with.

Elevate the vibrations of your beauty or self-care routine and start crystal gridding! Your face is truly your crystal healing canvas here. Energy Muse shared instructions for three of their favorite crystal facial grids and how to use them for maximum self-care benefits — so let's recalibrate your energy using these healing crystal facial grids for self-care.

Stress Busting Facial Grid

Living a busy, hectic lifestyle is par for the course these days, which makes prioritizing self-care and stress management so important. Personally, I love to use crystal healing for de-stressing, as there are so many crystals that carry a soothing, anxiety-relieving energy.

"When your day-to-day stressors build up and start to impact your physical, mental and emotional well-being, use this facial grid to release stress and replace it with higher vibrational energy," advises Energy Muse.

Crystals to use:

  • 1 fluorite stone for positivity and clarity of mind
  • 1 amethyst stone for peace and relaxation
  • 2 blue lace agate stones for stress relief

What to do: This grid is perfect to use upon getting home from work as a way to leave your daily stresses behind and embrace some healing, high-quality you time. Lay down comfortably on your back in a quiet place where you won't encounter interruptions (make sure you turn off your phone or leave it silenced in another room — you don't want anything detracting from the grid's stress-relieving benefits!). Energy Muse instructs you to place the crystals on your face in the following arrangement:

  • Blue lace agate on either side of your cheek bones
  • Amethyst on your third eye (in the center and just above your eyebrows)
  • Fluorite above amethyst, in the middle of your forehead

Now, close your eyes and relax with your crystal facial grid in place for at least five to 10 minutes, allowing yourself to align with the soothing and relaxing vibrations of this stress-relieving grid. Imagine your stresses being cleansed out of your mind. Remove the stones from your face when you're finished, and be sure to charge them in the sun for a minimum of four hours before using them for any other grid or healing work.

Beauty And Self-Love Facial Grid

Crystals can work for more than just emotional healing — some people believe they can help our physical bodies, too! This isn't too surprising, since our emotional and spiritual states can have an effect on our physical state as well. If you've been feeling rundown, haven't gotten enough sleep, or just need a li'l beauty pick-me-up, this rejuvenating and beautifying grid is a perfect addition to your skincare and self-care regime.

"Add a touch of crystal energy to your beauty routine with this age-defying facial grid for beauty," shares Energy Muse. "Fill yourself with love as you rejuvenate your skin."

Crystals to use:

  • 1 lepidolite stone to rejuvenate skin
  • 2 rose quartz stones for self-love and self-care
  • 2 aquamarine stones for a youthful glow

What to do:

You can use this grid at any time of day for max effectiveness. Try it in the morning as a relaxing way to kick off your skincare or makeup routine, or in the evening after you've stripped off your makeup for a rejuvenating nighttime routine. In any case, you'll want to start by laying down comfortably on your back in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Place the crystals on your face in the following arrangement, as instructed by Energy Muse:

  • Rose quartz on your chin
  • Aquamarine on either side of your cheek bones
  • Lepidolite on your third eye (in the center and just above your eyebrows)
  • Another rose quartz above lepidolite, in the middle of your forehead

Lay with your crystal facial grid in place for at least five to 10 minutes, focusing on self-love and having confidence in yourself. Beauty truly shines from the inside out, y'all! Make a conscious effort to relax the muscles in your face as your grid is in place and release any tension. Remove the stones from your face when you're through, and charge them in the sun for a minimum of four hours before using them for any other grid or healing work. (Bonus beauty tip: Use a rose quartz facial roller post-grid to reduce puffiness and increase circulation, leaving you with a healing, rose-quartz-infused glow.)

Sweet Dreams Facial Grid

Sleep is the best kept beauty and self-care secret, IMO. That's why being restless and unable to sleep at night can wreak so much havoc in our daily lives — making us exhausted, moody, and looking less than our best. But there are many crystals that can help promote more restful sleep, so naturally doing a facial grid to relax you pre-bedtime can be useful.

"The importance of sleep is well known, but it can still be hard to fall (and stay) asleep," explains Energy Muse. "Use this facial grid as part of your nighttime ritual to help you drift off to dreamland." You'll fall asleep feeling blissed out, and wake up totally refreshed.

Crystals to use:

  • 3 celestite stones for soothing and calming your mind and body
  • 2 labradorite stones to induce a deep sleep and dream state

What to do:

Use this grid at bedtime for best results. Do your usual pre-bedtime ritual, and once you're ready for bed, lay down comfortably on your back where you'll be going to sleep. As instructed by Energy Muse, create the grid by placing the crystals on your face in the following arrangement:

  • Celestite on either side of your cheek bones
  • Labradorite on your third eye (in the center and just above your eyebrows)
  • Another celestite above labradorite, in the middle of your forehead

Relax with your crystal facial grid in place for at least five to 10 minutes, feeling the soothing and dreamy quality of the crystals. Allow yourself to bounce from vision to vision as your body and mind prepare for sleep. If you start drifting off during your grid, that's a good thing! Once finished, remove the stones from your face. Don't forget to charge them up in the sun for at least four hours the following day or before using them for any other grid or healing work. If you use this grid during a full moon, you could also charge them under the moonlight.