Austen From 'Southern Charm' Has A Killer Job

by Jordana Lipsitz

Many friend groups have the guy or gal that provides the crew with some libation — may it be the one who always makes guacamole, or the one who brings the video games, or the one who makes those fancy martinis. If you were wondering what Austen Kroll from Southern Comfort's job is, it turns out the show newcomer is (probably) going to be that guy in his new Charleston clique. According to Kroll's LinkedIn, he currently works at the Red Hare Brewing Company as a territory sales manager. Basically, he's the guy who can always bring his fancy craft beer to the party, and that's the guy you always want around. Am I right?

Kroll is joining Southern Charm in the show's fourth season and is replacing Whitney Sulder-Smith, the filmmaker of the group. The 2010 University of Alabama graduate will certainly provide some fun, and he already has some connections to the crew; his pal is series regular Shep Rose, whom he met when he moved to Charleston from his birthplace of Washington D.C. When Kroll isn't cracking beers and playing golf with his fellow "master of leisure," William Shepard Rose III, he's on his beer salesmen grind, according to Bravo.

Before Kroll started at working at the brewing company, he worked as a cellar man at a venue of the same agenda, Palmetto Brewing Company for more than a year. He seemed to have a pretty great time as a cellar man, and took on some low-key marketing duties for the company by taking entertaining pictures of his brewery exploits.

Bravo shared that Kroll doesn't know what the future holds or where he plans to head later in life, but the world-traveler's journeys have taken him to places as near as the Rocky Mountains and as far as New Zealand. Kroll seems to have a "sky's the limit" attitude and is willing to take what comes. For now he's in the beer industry and values the experience he's gotten from it but, Bravo said, "this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for Austen."

Besides being the guy who always brings his company's tastiest new IPA, what else will Kroll bring to the Southern Charm table? All will be revealed Monday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET.