‘Little Women: LA’s Brittney Is Trying For Stardom

by Laura Rosenfeld
Patrick Ecclesine/Lifetime

Out of all of the ladies that have appeared on Little Women: LA so far during its five, soon-to-be six, seasons, Brittney Guzman had the shortest run on the show. She only appeared in Season 3, joining fellow newbie Jasmine Arteaga Sorge in starting her first season on the show. Though Jasmine has remained a fixture of the Little Women: LA cast since then, Brittney has not been seen and seldom heard about. This should make all Little Women: LA fans wonder what Brittney is doing now.

Brittney announced that she would not be returning for Season 4 of Little Women: LA in a statement released by her PR firm in December 2015:

Inquiring minds have been asking about my return to Little Women LA for Season 4. I am here to confirm that I will not be returning. While there were lots of great things that came with being on the show, there were also some bad and I felt it was no longer a fit for me. I want you all to be able to get the best representation of myself, and didn't feel like that was possible on Little Women LA.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me on and off the show, and I look forward to moving on with future projects and continuing to portray the real me. You WILL be seeing Freakabritt on television again!

So did Brittney keep her promise, and have we seen her on TV since her time on Little Women: LA? I am here to say that might not be the only place that you've seen Brittney in the past year.

She Was On 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

If you're a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race (and if you're not, why aren't you?), then you witnessed Brittney's return to TV. Brittney appeared in a Season 8 episode along with her former Little Women: LA castmates, and the RuPaul's Drag Race contestants gave them drag makeovers in the style of The Wizard of Oz. Brittney was paired with drag queen Thorgy Thor, who made us green with envy with their gorgeous ensembles as denizens of Emerald City. The pair didn't win the week, but they didn't get eliminated either, so that's something. Brittney also appeared at last year's RuPaul's Drag Con.

She's Ready To Shine Again

Brittney announced that she had been signed by Clear Talent Group in a touching post on Instagram last October. "When You never thought this would happen. I was always scared that i was never good enough [sic] i was scared they Where gnna tell me no we Don't Want You. I never had the guts to send my headshot And resume to See if they would sign me," she wrote in the post. "And one day i just Said Ima go for it if they tell me no At least i tried and i PUT my foot In the door. So i finally decided to do it And they accepted me So today i signed with @cleartalentgroup I'm so happy my lesson to everyone is never think Your not good enough for something. And never be scared to give something a try And yes i did Cry lol."

Brittney has previously toured with Miley Cyrus, and we did see her go on auditions on Little Women: LA. Since signing with CTG, it looks like Brittney has continued to do some modeling, as well as make public appearances as a host at nightclub events. It looks like Brittney has also recently filmed a music video for an unidentified project. It looks like getting some talent representation is only the beginning for Brittney.

She Had A Rough Year

Brittney shared that she experienced "the worst year in [her] life" in an Instagram post looking back on 2016 at the end of December. She revealed that she had lost her aunt, Kimberly Tripp, who "was like an older sister," last March. "I've been hurting everyday since thinking when will this pain [sic] every go away. I've hid my pain this whole year And took a break off A lot of things," she captioned a throwback photo of herself with her late family member, which was posted alongside a more recent recreation of the original pic. "But it made me realize a lot of things about myself."

Tripp was a Las Vegas performer known as "Mini Kim Kardashian." The coroner disclosed Tripp's cause of death to be chronic alcohol abuse last May, according to CBS News.

In her somber Instagram post, Brittney went on to pledge that she would channel her suffering into her work. "So 2017 is going to be a savage year for me [sic] Ima go hard and accomplish everything for her she helped me through half of me dreams now I gotta do the rest," Brittney wrote. "New year new goals new me and stronger me let's do this."

She's Getting Into The Fashion Game

One of the ways Brittney plans on turning her life and career around in 2017 is with her upcoming Freakabritt Wear Line, which she unveiled on Instagram last November. The line, which looks like will include hats, sunglasses, and other fashion and accessories, according to the post, takes its name from her nickname. The dates the Freakabritt Wear Line will be available for pre-order and officially launch has yet to be announced.

She's Still Adventurous With Her Look

Brittney has also kept her personal style on point since Little Women: LA. If you want to see some really daring looks, just head over to Brittney's Instagram profile, and check out the pics showing her with some hair in all sorts of colors and styles, as well as some delightfully outrageous outfits. I definitely miss seeing what Brittney is going to wear every week on Little Women: LA.

Her Relationship With Her Dad Is As Strong As Ever

Brittney's father, David Guzman, caused some controversy on Little Women: LA as rumors swirled that he may have been romantically involved with some of the other ladies. But that didn't hurt Brittney's relationship with her dad one bit as they stuck by each other through all the drama. Whether she has a sweet birthday wish for her pops or gets "lit AF" with her dad at his surprise birthday party, Brittney and her father are definitely one cool daddy-daughter duo.

She's Kicking Off The Next Chapter Of Her Life In Style

Speaking of birthdays, Brittney teased that she's planning "a HUGE birthday party" for when she turns one year older in March in an Instagram post in January. Brittney posted that she wanted the bash to include "vendors, food, everything, photography, photo booth, decorations, dessert table & ANYTHING." Wow. Brittney certainly has me curious about what she's going to do for the big day.

And now I have nothing but the greatest of expectations for what we'll see from Brittney in the future — and you should, too.