Cassie Wasted No Time Getting Back To School After Filming 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Rick Rowell

Though we haven't seen all that much of her onscreen this season just yet, Cassie on The Bachelor could still turn out to be a frontrunner. So much screen time lately has been dedicated to exploring the drama surrounding Hannah B. and Caelynn, or highlighting Demi's beefs with Tracy and Courtney. Cassie has, thus far, laid pretty low amidst all the fighting. There's no telling how far she makes it in the competition, but we can take a peek at her social media to see what Cassie is doing after The Bachelor, now that filming has wrapped.

Judging by an Instagram post, she's back at school. In one photo caption, she said she was back in her graduate classes after her leave of absence. "It’s going to take a lot of self discipline to focus on school, when I really want to respond to the literally hundreds of nice, supportive messages and comments," she wrote. "Thank you so much for for all the encouraging words and I hope to somehow read them all and respond! Please know they mean A LOT." As she said on the show, she's going to school for speech therapy, and is a current speech assistant.

When she's not studying, Cassie is busy following through on a New Year's resolution to eat more pizza, which I deeply respect. She's also eating lots of pretty salads, attending friends' weddings, drinking with pals, and chilling with her mom. Nothing on her social media offers many clues as to how far she gets with Colton. There also aren't any other men on her page that she might have started dating after a possible elimination. But that lack of information not surprising — these women are sworn to secrecy by ABC in about 40 different ways, so her feed will probably remain a spoiler-free zone.

She's still a good follow, though, as she's not shy about sharing memories from her time on The Bachelor. She's frequently shared shots from the show and talked about what her experiences there meant to her. During last week's episode, in which Caelynn bravely opened up about a past sexual assault, Cassie posted a moving message that shows she supports her new friends. "Being on The Bachelor was the ultimate bonding experience for me. Despite the competitive environment during the show, each one of us supports each other as fellow women," she wrote. "Tonight’s episode is very significant and I hope it creates dialogue and empowers those hurting to know they’re not alone."

We love a woman who lifts up other women. Cassie is a favorite among fans already, even though she hasn't been in the spotlight as much as some of the other women have been, and many are hopeful that she's the one who forges a real connection with him. And despite the fact that she's stayed out of the bulk of drama that's dominated the season thus far, Colton has said that every time he sees Cassie, he gets butterflies. Swoon.

Only time will tell what lies ahead for Cassie in the romance department, but she's got a career that she's obviously passionate about, and people she loves surrounding her. Depending on how things go, Colton might just be the icing on the cake.