'OITNB' Has A New, Pastel Safe Haven For Inmates

JoJo Whilden / Netflix

After the riot of Orange is the New Black Season 5, the inmates have been moved to the Litchfield's maximum security prison from their minimum security oasis, or "camp," as they called it. The new location has a new set of rules and cell blocks that serve as a class system that the women immediately have to figure out. Some blocks aren't that complicated, but what is "Florida" on Orange Is The New Black? The "retirement community" of the correctional facility has got it made. Spoilers ahead for Orange Is The New Black Season 6.

It's not literally in the Sunshine State, although some of the buses that took inmates away at the end of Season 5 did presumably go to other parts of the country. What the inmates and guards call "Florida" is just another part of Litchfield Max. It's technically known as B Block, and is where the elderly are assigned. Get it? Like, how grandparents retire to Florida? That's how it got its name.

In the more recent, progressive (if you can call a private prison such things) years, it's also where the powers that be house prisoners who might need more protection and care, such as those with mental health issues or transgender inmates. It's kind of happy place in that they wear pink scrubs in Florida and they have all the pudding cups, arts and crafts, and television that they want. It's definitely the place to be, which does become an issue later on.

The first one of our heroes to go to Florida is Sophia, who was probably put there immediately after being transferred to Max. As she was not part of the group at the pool, she was not held for further questioning about the riot and subsequent murder of Piscatella. While she shows up midway through the season, it's safe to presume that she was already in Florida when Frieda got there.

The next is Suzanne, who is transferred after being interrogated about what happened in the pool. After that is Frieda — who bargained her way into Florida as a way to avoid her old pal Carole. Frieda was originally in Max, but sold out Carole's contraband business in order for a ticket to minimum security. Now she's back, and Carole is running the place along with her sister Barbara. In Florida, Frieda is able to avoid Barbara and Carole's grasp. Later, when Tiffany turns herself back in, she joins the others in B Block.

JoJo Whilden / Netflix

Midway through the series, Red becomes obsessed with being transferred to Florida — partially because they have better food, and partially because Frieda sold her out to get there and she wants to enact revenge. Unfortunately, her charm isn't working with the guards as well here as it did at camp. Will it come to a conflict?

The guards say that B Block hasn't had any altercations for years, but if anyone is going to disrupt the "save haven" that is Florida, it's this bunch. Between Suzanne's secret, whatever deal Pennsatucky struck to get there, and Frieda's growing list of enemies, something is going to boil over sooner rather than later.