What Does Garrett From 'The Bachelorette' Do For Work? I'm Not Quite Sure, Either

Paul Hebert/ABC

Garrett seems to be a frontrunner for Becca's heart on The Bachelorette. When it comes to his interactions with Becca, he appears charming and funny and has a genuine chemistry with her. While he has shared many details of his life with Becca, what exactly Garrett's job is or entails hasn't made its way into any conversation with Becca, at least not any televised conversation. With the season is approaching its end, it's time for Becca and Garrett to start consider how a publicist from Minnesota and a medical sales representative from Nevada can go from having two separate lives to come together through marriage.

While Garrett's job is listed as a medical sales representative in ABC's official biography of him, that doesn't necessarily tell the whole truth. There's no digital footprint of Garret's career anywhere online, or even so much as a LinkedIn to indicate any of Garrett's previous employment. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that Garrett's career is difficult to find online, as anyone following the behind-the-scenes drama of Garrett's offensive online opinions knows that he's suddenly become very selective about what parts of his life he presents online. While searching for Garrett's career as a medical sales representative online may not yield results, OK! Here's the Situation reports that Garrett's specific job title is surgical technology consultant. However, there's no easily accessible information indicating that Garrett is an employee of any specific hospital or medical company.

Whatever Garrett's specific job is, one thing is clear from his presence on The Bachelorette – it's probably pretty flexible. Garrett was able to take a few weeks off of work so that he could date someone on national television – either he saved up a lot of paid time off, or his job is one that allows him to go away for extended periods of time (or he quit). Depending on the nature of Garrett's sales position or consultantship, it's even possible that Garrett is able to work from wherever he wants. This could be great news for Becca should the two end up together at the end of the season, which is looking more and more likely every week.

Among all the men present on Becca's season of The Bachelorette, Garrett has always stood out. Despite having a plethora of men to choose from, Garrett seemed to be perfectly suited to Becca's midwestern sensibilities. Hailing from Reno, Nevada, he's closer to the West Coast than the Minnesota-born Becca, but he seemed to hit it off with her effortlessly, even managing to take home the coveted first impression rose. While the first impression rose may seem like no big deal, Garett could be the fourth Bachelorette contestant in a row to go from getting the first impression rose to doing the damn thing at the end of the season. Garrett's been the one to beat all season, and while his looks and personality are what drew Becca to him during their very first night together, having a flexible job in the medical field certainly doesn't hurt their chances of starting a life together.

While Garrett's professional life is pretty private, there's no reason to believe that he's not a medical sales rep, even if the reality of his job may be more specific than that. It may not be as exciting or interesting as some of the professions of other contestants this season like stuntman or colognoisseur, but it seems to be a great fit for Becca. Whether or not his opinions are a good fit for Becca is a whole other matter, but it looks like everything else about Garrett puts him in a prime spot to be Becca's betrothed before too long.