Glossier's New Product Is Actually An OG Makeup Staple & Fans Are Loving It

Courtesy of Glossier

Move over, powder. Glossier just dropped Wowder, a weightless finishing powder in three shades, today, Tuesday, Aug. 1. Wowder is a light coverage powder with a brush and it falls right in line with the Internet-worshipped brand's minimalist, "skin first, makeup second" aesthetic.

If you prefer to employ simple cosmetics that do the job and enhance your natural beauty without making you feel like you are wearing a metric ton of product on your face, then you are undoubtedly already a card-carrying member of the Glossier faithful. The brand's products may appear basic, but they are super effective, without non-essential additional bells and whistles.

Speaking of the Glossier legion of loyalists, they have already made their excitement about Wowder — Cutest. Name. Ever— known and incredibly public on social media. Glossier's skin and makeup products, from the Milky Jelly Cleanser to the Cloud Paint Blush to the Boy Brow to the Stretch Concealer, have earned the unwavering devotion of an army of fans and shoppers.

That's why fans were clenching their teeth and their fists with excitement over Wowder, sight unseen. You know what you're going to get with the Emily Weiss-created brand and therefore you can be all in before you even see or touch a new Glossier launch.


Courtesy of Glossier

Here's a closer look.

Courtesy of Glossier

I love the millenial pink tin and comic book-like font.

Courtesy of Glossier

According to the product description on the Glossier site, the airy Wowder isn't "just skin-colored dust, so set your expectations high." Here's what it does: Cuts shine, sets makeup, and blurs the appearance of pores. It works perfectly in concert with the super soft Wowder Brush. The result is a "glowy matte-not-flat finish" and no chalkiness. Also, the pigment levels are "high enough to help Wowder go undetected on skin but not affect your skin tone."

Courtesy of Glossier

So, yeah! That's Wowder. What a dynamic duo. Wowder has elicited a "Wowza!" response from Glossier fans in the Insta comments, like so.

The suspense was killing 'em.

Litty litness, indeed.

A hint and a tease inspires this kind of thrill.

Ready or not!

Glossier drops inspire a happy dance.

They are almost always a #ByeMoney moment, as well.

"Shooketh" pretty much captures how all Glossier loyalists feel.

I love how Glossier has inspired this kind of passion.

This tweet sums up how makeupistas across the pond feel. They want Glossier products to be available internationally, which is something the brand is working on.

But for now... Wowder!