Hannah G. Got Right Back To Work On Instagram After 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/ABC

The weeks are winding down on The Bachelor as Colton comes closer to handing out his final rose. So far, Hannah G. is still going strong on her quest to win Colton's heart. But since the show was filmed actual months ago, perhaps her social media can provide some insight as to what Hannah G. has been doing after The Bachelor.

According to INSIDER, The Bachelor usually begins filming in late September and finishes about eight weeks after that in late November. If you look at Hannah G.'s Instagram, she was regularly posting until Sept. 18. Her last post before she left for the show was captioned, "Just gonna be actually present for a while, chafeelme?" Was that a hint that she'd be dropping off the grid and going phone-less for a few weeks to find love on TV? Probably. In any case, Hannah G. must make it pretty far on the show because her next post didn't come until Dec. 5. It was a simple selfie captioned, "Well it’s cold af so there’s that."

But that post is still from over two months ago, so what else has Hannah been up to? Naturally, the "content creator," as The Bachelor called her, has been creating plenty of content. And it fills fans in on what she's been doing after the show.

Revealing Her Big Secret

"Pic or it didn’t happen... and uhhh, it happened," she wrote on the photo announcing her casting on the show.

Letting Her Hair Down For Christmas

Hannah got deep in the caption for this one, writing, "Spent too many holidays caring too much about all the holiday parties I attend, the decorations I put up, the gifts I wrap... but this year I’m kinda saying screw it and focusing on pure happiness & the people I love."

So, instead of putting too much pressure on the holiday, she filmed this video of her dancing it out.

Taking Pics Of Her Food

*Chandler Bing voice* can you even be an influencer if you don't take food flat lays?

Chilling In The Happiest Place

Same question as above, but about Disney selfies.

Celebrating Her Birthday

Hannah was 23 when she competed on the show, but she turned 24 in early February.

Taking In The Sights Of New York

Empire State Building, check.

Bragging About Her Picture Pout

Whose idea do you think it was to employ Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's "say prune in photos" trick to get the perfect pout?

Celebrating Her One-On-One

After weeks of waiting, Hannah finally got to spend time with Colton by herself. She captioned this photo, "Issa date, like without other ppl woahhhh WUT."

Hanging With Her Bachelor Friends

This show has always been good for forming lasting bonds with the other contestants. But was it equally as good for Hannah to form a bond with Colton? So far she's in good shape to take home the ring, but time will tell for sure.