What Is Kat Von D Beauty's Snapchat? There's A Ton Of Great Stuff To See

Jack Taylor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You wouldn't follow one of your friends on just Facebook and Instagram but not on Snapchat — this should definitely apply to your favorite makeup brands, too. If you love Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and highly-pigmented palettes, you may want to follow Kat Von D Beauty's Snapchat — there's just so much great stuff to see.

Kat Von D Beauty's Snapchat embodies this idea of little glimpses of cool behind the scenes details, swatches, and more. Kat Von D has a separate Instagram for her personal page and her beauty page, and the same is true when it comes to her Snapchat practices. To add the beauty account, search for the user name katvondbeauty and hit that add button.

The content on the account, according to the brand's Instagram, consists of "short-lived posts of cool sh*t." The Kat Von D Beauty Instagram is a carefully select color-coded dream that has staying power reminiscent of an art gallery. If you want a more spontaneous and personal look at the brand, their Snapchat is where you want to be. Still not convinced you should check out the Kat Von D Beauty Snapchat? Here's what you can expect when you add them as a friend:

1. Swatch Demos

If you want to see Kat Von D swatch your next must-have beauty buys, you're going to need to follow them on Snapchat. While you can see photos of swatches on their Instagram, a video that has a more lifelike approach can help you in making a product purchasing decision.

2. First Looks At Products

katvondbeauty on Instagram

Before it went on Instagram, Kat Von D Beauty showed the inside of the Alchemist Palette with followers on Snapchat.

3. Inspiration

katvondbeauty on Instagram

If you're in a beauty rut and need some new ideas, following Kat Von D Beauty on Snapchat could spark your imagination. The videos are a variety of swatches, looks, new releases and more, making it unpredictable. Because the brand's Instagram follows a color scheme it can feel a little predictable at times.

On Snapchat, it's a beauty Russian roulette, unexpected and powerful -- the perfect way to generate ideas for your own looks. Kat Von D Beauty's Snapchat is a treasure trove of just that, so be sure to follow ASAP.