What 'The Bachelor's Lauren S. Is Up To After The Show — Including Capitalizing On Her Fame

ABC/Paul Hebert

Two weeks into The Bachelor Season 22 and what began as a four-Lauren season is now down to just two. And though it might seen annoying to share a name with other women in the Bachelor house, one contestant who doesn't seem to mind is Lauren S. Rocking the standard Bachelor contestant blonde ombré, Lauren S. hasn't yet had her star-making moment competing for Arie's heart, but based on what Lauren S. is doing now, that moment is coming.

Two weeks in, Bachelor (producer: Nikki Lazaran) fans still don't know much about Lauren S. other than the fact that she loves to make jokes and is obsessed with Taylor Swift and Harry Potter (hashtag relatable). And still, she's managed to outlast two of the four Laurens, which means she's either peaked Arie's interest or he's been meaning to eliminate her for two weeks and got the last name initial wrong. (Hey, it's confusing.)

Admittedly, it's probably the first one. Lauren, a social media manager for AT&T hasn't given us a lot of clues as to how her Bachelor journey will end, but she has been active on social media since the season reportedly stopped filming in late November. She's been careful not to let slip any spoilers, but she hasn't been shy when it comes to interacting with fans, critics, and friends.

Right now, Lauren seems to be back in Dallas, Texas, and working for AT&T — according to her Twitter bio, she tweets from their official account. That is, assuming her Linkdin profile, which lists "Senior Manager Digital and Social Media at AT&T" as her current job, is up to date. On Monday, as episode 2 was airing on ABC, Lauren was in Atlanta to attend the College Football National Championship, where AT&T sponsored a concert event, AT&T Playoff Playlist.

Though this appears to have been something of a work trip, one of her friends Alyssa Marie busted her on Twitter celebrating her newfound Bachelor fame. So it's safe to say that Lauren S. is, if nothing else, having fun in this post-Bachelor grace period.

Now here's the question fans want answered: does Lauren S. get the final rose? Unfortunately, her social media presence offers little to no clues one way or the other. But her Twitter feed does reveal a few key things to know about her that could help fans determine her chances moving forward with Arie.

She Spent Christmas With The Biebs

OK, so she didn't literally spend Christmas with Justin Bieber, but she did wake up with him — sort of. As for what this tweet says about her chances with Arie... Women everywhere can decide for themselves if they think that wearing a Justin Bieber hoodie to bed is something a recently engaged reality television star would do or not.

She's Not Afraid To Make Fun Of Herself

Based on her tweets, it's clear Lauren knows how to play the social media game (it is her profession, after all) and she's not afraid to make fun of herself doing it. Sure, making fun of the bazillion Laurens on The Bachelor has been done before, but coming from a Lauren herself, it's pretty phenomenal.

She Appreciates A Good Meme

When ABC released the list of contestants vying for Arie's heart, Lauren S. wasted no time in hopping online and using that social media expertise. Based on her tweet above, it looks like we can expect some juicy drama coming our way from Lauren S., and, hopefully, some pretty great live tweet commentary.

Even if Lauren S. is sent home next week, it looks like fans will still get to see her chime in on episodes, and that, to be honest, might be the real final rose. Fans will win either way.