Lo Bosworth Has A Perfectly Sensible Reason For Not Wanting To Be On 'The Hills' Reboot

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You probably remember Lo Bosworth from her days on Laguna Beach and The Hills. The trusty BFF of Lauren Conrad went from someone who popped onscreen during birthday parties and vacations in early episodes of The Hills to a larger presence during the show's later seasons, and now she's coming back for more. Lo is one of the original cast members who won't be returning to The Hills: New Beginnings, but in 2019, Lo Bosworth has plenty more to keep her busy.

According to her website, Bosworth lives in New York City and spends her time working with Love Wellness, the women's wellness company she founded back in 2016. The company's site says she launched the brand after noticing "a serious lack of personal care products for women that were natural, safe, and effective," and wanted to make a difference in that sphere.

On the company's website, you can buy everything from vitamins, pH balancing cleansers, and other personal care items to products meant to help with period pain. Though these kinds of ~trendy~ self-care companies can sometimes raise a few eyebrows, Love Wellness has a medical advisory board made up of a urogynecologist and a board certified gynecology physician's assistant, and all their supplements are developed with qualified food scientists, so hopefully they keep things spic and span.

In addition to Love Wellness, Bosworth has a personal blog on her site, which includes lifestyle-based posts about her favorite beauty products and skincare routines, as well as recipes and fitness information. She also has a pretty great Instagram, where she frequently posts envy-worthy recipe tutorials on her stories.

As for why she's not on The Hills: New Beginnings? As if the time commitment of running an actual company wasn't enough of a reason, Bosworth says the very nature of her business ventures are part of why she avoided the reality TV revival. “When you participate in a show like that, you generally don’t have creative control over how you or your character is portrayed on TV," Bosworth told Us Weekly. "I am an advocate for women. I’m a feminist. I own this business supporting women’s health. To not be able to be in control of my own narrative is just way too risky for me at this point.”

She also said she just doesn't need that kind of platform in her life, especially with the drama often involved, both manufactured and otherwise. "For me, it’s just not worth it for me at this point," she continued in the same interview. "I have so many other platforms, ways I’m able to talk to people. I can spread whatever message I want to spread, and mostly at this point, it’s one of positivity."

Even though she basically coined the term "Justin-Bobby," which will live on in The Hills Hall of Fame, it makes total sense that Bosworth isn't returning to the show. She's grown up, moved on, and has a cool new business to promote. Lauren Conrad won't be back, either, so maybe the two of them can have watch parties and see what shenanigans the rest of their former crew is up to.