There May Be Big 'Bachelor' News At The Oscars

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought the Oscars was safe from breaking Bachelor news, think again. Nick Viall may only hand out roses on Monday nights, but according to showrunner Mike Fleiss himself, something big could be coming on Sunday, Feb. 26. So, what is Fleiss' Oscars Bachelor announcement? More than two hours before the show was set to begin on ABC, Fleiss tweeted that he might make a "historic" Bachelor announcement during the Oscars telecast, and although he didn't elaborate, it definitely sounds like it could be a big deal for fans of the franchise.

Update: A tweet from Fleiss 30 minutes into the ceremony seems to indicate a change of plans. He tweeted, "Almost certain that I won't be making the historic new announcement regarding #TheBachelor on The Oscars stage. Damn the Hollywood elite!!!"

However, Fleiss did mention that the announcement may get made on Monday night instead. Fans will just have to wait and see.

Earlier: I know what you're thinking: "Didn't The Bachelor just make a huge announcement?" Less than two weeks ago we found out that Rachel Lindsay is the next Bachelorette, meaning that she's also the first black Bachelorette. Not only did that news qualify as historic, but it broke the show's mold in other ways too, since it was the first time the next leading lady was made official before the episode where she was sent home on The Bachelor actually aired. It's hard to imagine what could possibly be up Fleiss' sleeve after that one!

Here's his tweet, which is unfortunately totally devoid of any kind of details that could point to what this is actually about:

And later, Fleiss added an update — he's so ready to make this announcement that he's straight up putting on a tux. If formalwear is required, this has to be good... and is it actually happening on the Oscars stage?!

If you follow him on Twitter, you already know that Fleiss has been hinting about something big on the way for a few days now, and honestly, it could be anything. Is it another Bachelor wedding or baby? Has Fleiss finally decided to answer my prayers and give Corinne Olympios her own show? Like Chris Harrison always says, there's a good chance that what he's about to announce is "unlike anything we've ever seen on The Bachelor before."

All there's left to do is wait. Fingers crossed this announcement comes sooner in the broadcast rather than later!