Corinne Needs To Be The Next Bachelorette

Rick Rowell/ABC

I spent most of the past year tirelessly looking forward to Nick Viall as our latest Bachelor, so imagine my surprise that now that the season is in full swing, he's not my favorite part of the show. Instead, that honor belongs to a contestant named Corinne Olympios, who was the clear and intended villain from the moment she stepped out of that limo. Even though most of her schemes have taken things a little too far — and usually end up hurting the other women, who totally don't deserve it — you can't deny that she's really entertaining. And for that reason and so many others, I think Corinne needs to be the next Bachelorette.

Because let's face it: When the time for the final rose ceremony rolls around this spring, I doubt she's going to be the one who Nick chooses to spend the rest of his life with, even if she does stay on the show that long. They definitely have physical chemistry, but from what I've learned about Nick on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, he seems to be looking to settle down with someone he's a little more emotionally and mentally compatible with. But I still believe there's a wild, cheese pasta-loving man out there for Corinne, so why deny her the chance to find him while the rest of us watch?

Here's why Corinne needs to be this franchise's next leading lady. You have to admit, it would be entertaining.

She Makes Excellent Television

Week after week, we're getting more and more proof that Corinne is truly television gold. After every episode, the only thing people are left talking about is her, and it's because she's really, really entertaining.

It Would Truly Be "Something You've Never Seen On The Bachelor Before"

Normally, the woman chosen as the next Bachelorette is someone who is beloved by fans, but choosing Corinne would kind of be doing the opposite. The show sticks to a tried and true format, which can sometimes become a little dull, so throwing someone like Corinne in the mix as a lead would definitely help keep things interesting.

She Completely Ignores The Rules & Traditions

You know what I was saying about keeping things interesting? The way she ignores the "rules" of the show is a big reason why Corinne would totally accomplish that. She sleeps through rose ceremonies, she interrupts other contestants' time with Nick like no other "villain" has ever done before, and she isn't afraid to take out the whipped cream and think outside the box. Can you imagine what she'd do if she was the one in charge?!

She Loves Being The Center Of Attention

And if you're the Bachelorette, you have to love being the center of attention, or else I'd assume all those interviews and promos and contestants staring at you, dreaming of your affection would get a little awkward.

We Could Find Out More About Her Nanny

Seriously, I have so many questions about Raquel. Isn't she really more of a personal assistant at this point? Does she think it's ridiculous that her client is 24 years old and still needs to employ her? Is she treated well? How many pots of cheese pasta has she made over the years?

She's Constantly Surprising Everyone

Whether she's showing up in a trench coat with some whipped cream or cooking up a new scheme to sneak away with Nick, Corinne is full of surprises — even if the other women on the show don't always appreciate it.

With Corinne as the Bachelorette, I doubt there would ever be a dull moment.