The Menu Planned For Meghan & Harry's Wedding Includes Some Surprising Options

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It feels like we've been waiting years for the royal wedding to happen, and fortunately we only have to be patient a few more days before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally tie the knot on May 19. Learning more about what's going to happen at the royal wedding has become something of a guilty pleasure, especially since the majority of us weren't invited to the actual celebration. The next best thing is hearing about what's going to happen behind closed doors, and luckily for us, there's plenty of information out there. We even know what kind of food is going to be at the royal wedding reception.

That's pretty important — after all, one of the best things about going to a wedding is eating a lot of delicious and free food. And since this is literally a royal reception, one would hope that the spread would be out of this world. It sounds like it's going to be, and it also seems like there's going to be a fairly unique menu, as far as royal weddings go. According to sources, Harry and Markle have decided to forgo some traditional dishes for trendier options.

They certainly need to have a lot of options. May 19's royal wedding ceremony is going to be followed by two receptions. The first is a lunch in the afternoon, with about 600 guests. The second is in the evening, and will be more intimate, as well as less traditional. Then, of course, there's the royal after party to consider. That's a lot of food! Overall, everything is expected to be a little more casual and hip compared to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton — and I can't say I'm surprised. Check out some of the food that will reportedly be at the royal wedding receptions, and prepare to feel hungry:


Finger Foods

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The first reception at lunch is going to be much more casual than your typical sit-down meal. Harry and Meghan supposedly want to mingle with their guests, so they'll be serving a lot of finger foods that are easy to eat. According to People, the canapés are made to be eaten in just two bites. The royal chef, Mark Flanagan, wouldn't speak about exactly what was on the menu, but said that the food would be fresh and locally sources.


Trendy Bowl Food

Canapés aren't the only thing that will be passed around at the royal lunch — guests will also be enjoying some trendy "bowl food." Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady told Delish that he thinks they'll do a "grain or poke bowl," which would make sense, since Meghan is so into healthy options. McGrady also said that Harry prefers traditional British comfort foods, and he wouldn't be surprised if there were some sort of small Shepherd's Pie being passed around as well.


Fresh Produce

While we don't know exactly what is going to be on the menu, we do know that the royal couple has specifically asked for fresh, local produce that is in season. According to the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace, Flanagan said, "Luckily the seasons have just fallen perfectly and that's become the main focus in the decision making." Much of the produce used will be sourced from farms across the United Kingdom, such as Kent and Norfolk.

There's definitely going to be asparagus on the menu, as it's in season right now. Behind-the-scenes photos of Flanagan and his team in the Windsor Castle Kitchen also feature artichokes, peas, and tomatoes.



The more intimate evening reception will probably feature heartier foods than just canapés. McGrady told Delish he expects lamb to be on the menu, saying, "Lamb is from the Highgrove Estate, Prince Charles' estate. I could see it being ground with mashed potatoes."

According to Esquire, the evening reception will be catered by Table Talk, which serves modern, three-dimensional food. Table Talk also did the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews.


Elderflower Cake

The one menu item we're definitely sure about is the cake. The couple has hired California-born Claire Ptak of East London's Violet Bakery to make them a lemon elderflower cake that will be covered in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.


Chocolate Truffles

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As far as the other desserts go, many speculate that chocolate truffles will be available. According to Buckingham Palace, truffles are a "favorite dessert served at receptions throughout the year at Windsor Castle."


Food Trucks

The royal wedding will also include some food trucks that are probably going to be spectacular. According to the Express, there will be ice cream vans, which sounds all sorts of amazing.


Late Night Snacks

As for the after party, there will be plenty of food to go around. The Telegraph claims that Harry specifically asked for bacon and sausage sandwiches to be available late at night. The two are also reportedly having a Tiki-themed afterparty that, according to the Mirror, is going to include apache shooters and frozen strawberry sparkles. There is also supposedly going to be an ice luge and South African wagyu beef.