What Kind Of Plans You Should Avoid Making This Month, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

October begins with a bang — it's still the thick of Libra season, so everyone is striving for balance in their lives and looking for a way to fit into their community during this time. But regardless, October will not let us rest this month, not if the planets have their way. The stars are aligning for a new status quo, and that may influence certain aspects of your life. So it is safe to say there are some kinds of plans you should avoid making this month, based on your zodiac sign.

Some insights in the astrological realm can be found in the month's planetary alignments, which will coincide differently with each sign's houses — so get ready for some intensive action. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The sun will go from Libra to Scorpio on Oct. 23.
  • The moon starts in Cancer on Oct. 1, and will see a new moon in Libra by Oct. 9. Then, there will be a full moon in Taurus on Oct. 24.
  • Meanwhile, Mercury will go into Scorpio on Oct. 10.
  • Venus is conjunct Mercury until comes out of its retrograde in Scorpio on Oct. 31.

This means something a little different for each of us earthlings. Read on to find out more about how your sign may be affected.


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The sun will be aspecting your 7th house of partnerships and your 8th house of transformation as the shift from Libra to Scorpio happens, so you may be extra testy about thinking about making drastic life changes in your love life.

This might result in a mistake made if you rush into things with a new flame, because you want badly to see movement in your relationships. But in that process, you may lose the ability to exercise your better judgment!

So don't make plans with romantic interests you're not 100 percent sure are worth your time yet. Be careful about who you're trying to impress — this may not end up benefitting you for the better.


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The sun, Mercury, and Venus will all move into Scorpio, the sign that directly opposes Taurus, later this month.

That means you need to avoid making any plans that would challenge your way of being at the moment. Taurus, you can be very strict and traditional, but people love the sense of stability you can bring to their relationships. Don't feel pressure to change that, because you may as the planets hit your 7th house of relationships, and it could put undue stress on you at this time.

While the sun and Mercury are in Libra, you will feel an urge to prioritize your health, as they will conjunct your 6th house of personal health and wellness — but then the transit to Scorpio might have you feeling like you have to sacrifice things for growth in your personal relationships. You don't have to. Some time in isolation might help you fully harness this.


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The planets will be transiting your 5th and 6th houses, so you actually should be encouraged to make more plans that make you happy. There is nothing to avoid for you, Gemini! If you're feeling in a slump this month, it may be because of the Venus in retrograde in Scorpio dampening your ability to enjoy either energy of the 5th house of pleasure or the 6th house of health benefits. Try making plans with the people who are most fun in your life. You need some relaxation right now, to revitalize your soul to have the energy to help people in need.


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The moon is moving through the zodiac steadily to the sound of your sign getting the attention it deserves, and the first few days of October open with the planet being briefly exalted in your honor. You should be incentivized to avoid making plans that will make you have to exercise your logic – now is not the time to try to be looking too closely at your finances, or splitting hairs over whether you've been good enough in your relationships. Make plans that make you feel validated and strong, and shed any that you have the least bit of uncertainty about.

Some situations may cause you to lose sight of the fragile emotional balance you try so hard for. That means you must really make sure no toxic, discouraging people are falling into your orbit this October.


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Don't make any plans that involve strangers that want you to treat the world as a stage. You are sick of catering to other people, including ones you met that really don't matter, and you are sick of the energy being a drag. Anyone you sense you must "perform" for is someone you should not be making plans with right now, when you are trying to move from how Libra hits your 3rd house of communication to where Scorpio is in in your 4th house. Instead, focus your energy on studying how the sign Scorpio influences your 4th house. Only go out with the people who bring you energy, not just the ones who make you stare. You've earned it all, Leo.


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You're the sign that is going to get a break as the planets move from aspecting your 2nd house of material possessions, to a more curious placement — the 3rd house of communication. You will want to avoid making plans with business prospects when you want to be making plans for fun with people because you are suddenly bursting with ideas.

Let those ideas come, and ditch the more serious plans you're making in favor of fun ones. You can't afford to be too serious this October, Virgo — you only get to be an irresponsible adult once a year! Let down your hair once in a while!


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I've just been thinking: can someone check on Libra? This sign is about to get bombarded by "what's next, energy?" Honestly, you should avoid bailing on plans this month, Libra.

You might end up with so many opportunities that you get overwhelmed. Suddenly, everyone may want a piece of you. But who should you reach out to first?

If your first house is being rocked by forces that want to concentrate on the innovations of the Scorpio sign, not the quiet goddess wisdom of Libra, then let those forces talk. This month, focus on prioritizing the plans that bring you energy. Because trust me — everything is probably and will continue to become so obsessed with you as it's your birthday season. You can handle it.


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Is this your month, or what, Scorpio? With three planets in Scorpio happening by the end of the month, you have your work cut out for you in bringing clarity to all.

Avoid making any plans that will make you feel any less creative. Instead, make plans with any new friends or flames that want a piece of you, make plans with family that love you, and spend time with yourself thinking about all the progress you've made. You deserve a big pat on the back of validation.


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The planets are transitioning from the 11th house of friendships to the 12th house of the subconscious. People may begin to turn on you, Sagittarius, because right now you seem less trustworthy than you can control. Thus, be sure to try and control what plans you make by using your gut to gauge who's a good fit and who's not.

Try not to make any new moves related to your comfort zone. Don't be as much of an explorer as you usually are, because right now people aren't as open and receptive to that because of the collective energy. Instead, focus on growing who you do have in your life — it'll pay off later.


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Capricorn, instead of avoiding making plans this month, try your best to make any and every sort of plan. You're the only sign that gets to be completely free to do this. Be spontaneous!

Your 11th house of new friendships is being aspected by the Scorpio transition by the sun sign and the Venus sign. Now is the time to not isolate yourself and say "you're busy." Now is the time to be more spontaneous. You should avoid not making plans as a plan this season. People new and old all are curious about what insight you have to offer, so make it a point to answer to that!!


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You can be a bit detached at times, Aquarius, but try and avoid your friendships this season a little more than usual. I know, weird advice, right? But with your 10th house of status being lit up, you have the opportunity to make a big career change, and you should focus your energy into the grind of the everyday and making money. This month is the time for you to be prospering, so you should (temporarily) avoid getting caught up in drama with romantic relationships or personal relationships — so tune that stuff out and get to sticking on improving who you want to be in the world.


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Your 8th house is already transforming majorly with the Libra season, so imagine how refreshed you will feel once it translates into a nice, tied together philosophy.

This season, Pisces, you have permission to avoid everyone. With ample time to get to know yourself, as the planets are aspecting your 8th house of transition and transformation, you have to take advantage of this. Like other signs that are more introverted, do not push yourself to be out there if you don't want to be. Sometimes your priorities are elsewhere, like this time!! Best of luck.